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mid-July Sunday Thoughts

I really have nothing of significance to discuss this morning. I am all jacked up about the Open Championship next weekend and the Wagon rolling into town for a little Captain's Choice / Best Ball tourney over the weekend. Pray for some sunshine to get us dried out. Also excited about heading down to the Keys in a couple months for a Ryder Cup-style fishing tournament.

If you are like me, you've been watching the European Tour action and were a little surprised to see Phil playing across the pond. I believe he likes to get an event or two in over there prior to rolling into the Open. The media has been discussing Tiger's practice rounds over at Muirfield and how well he appears to be playing. Per usual, this will be a fun one to watch. The big disappointment, though, is my man Long John Daly missing the tourney due to injury...get well JD, STS is always pulling for you

The Senior Circuit is participating in their National Championship this weekend. Omaha is the location. Unbelievably with the heat and such out there they have bentgrass greens...the USGA will want to make it a challenge but cannot stress the grass to the point that it is ruined for the membership for the rest of the summer. It looks like my man Freddy Couples is out of the mix but you all know I am a big Kenny Perry fan. The other guy to watch coming out of the field is Freddy Funk (and the Funky Bunch).

Here at STS, we'll keep on keeping on with miscellaneous stuff that doesn't really fit well during the year. That will be the case for the next couple weeks, then we'll (finally) get to get neck deep into new football stuff. This should be a big year for both in-state 1-A schools and we are excited to talk about it. First things first, we'll anticipate all the media days and such...then camp starts around the end of this month.

As always, we take requests and will attempt to evaluate most any topic if time/schedule allows.

Since our Panic Attack is over, I figured a little Skydog along with the rest of the Allman Brothers Band would be an acceptable way to move along.