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Belmont Stakes Sunday Thoughts

Tremendous Sunday to everyone. I hope you all enjoyed the Belmont Stakes and seeing South Carolina trained Palace Malice win the silver platter and ceremonial bowl as the champion of the final leg of the Triple Crown. NASCAR is in Pocono this weekend. While I generally frown upon tracks located outside of the South, I do respect the triangle track up there in Pennsylvania.

Otherwise, we'll be watching other teams play college baseball. We've beaten our team to death here and I'll refrain from such today. I did watch the Carolina game yesterday. When the Gamecocks knocked out UNC's ace early on, I thought SC had the series. North Carolina, however, is a very tough team. They have rebounded time and time this year and have not lost back to back games on the season. This should be a very interesting series to watch. We'll see how many ACC schools make it to the Series then lament Clemson's end result.

Someone here asked if it was football season yet. For us, it is always football season. Georgia is on the cusp and we love the opportunity of whipping their ass. Nothing like this to get your summer kicked off:

We're now officially working towards football season. Not that we ever quit--we are just big baseball fans here at STS. If there is something in particular you want to see from us, let us know. Otherwise, it should be a damn good summer setting up for the biggest football season in quite some time.

Also, your boy The Wagon is considering teaming up with yours truly in an effort to become the Midnight Express of the golfing world. What does that mean? It means we have an awful lot of golf to play in the next month to prepare. I know, it is definitely a tough job/challenge but heck, someone has to do it!

And your PANIC Attack:

And because we have the greatest group of folks on the planet to view STS, let the Nature Boy sen you into the summer properly;

That's all I got for this week. Everyone have a good one and we'll chat next week and enjoy the announcers talking about the man: