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End of June Sunday Thoughts

This weekend has been, we'll say, trying. I'll give my one statement and move on. I would like to thank one Micah Rogers for being the biggest idiot in the world, allegedly. I would cuss and cuss and cuss, but he has to explain to his mama and his daddy and the rest of the Clemson nation why he did what he allegedly did...and that is a burden I would never want to carry. Anyway, I talked to Dr. B on Friday and this is about how it went down:

I would like to thank all my Carolina friends. I have one buddy in particular who called apologizing for what we all assumed was Cockfan vandalizm. I talked to the same guy earlier this weekend and he was relieved that Cockfan wasn't involved in the vandalism. When people outside of the STS crew show your team that much respect, it is very much appreciated. In fact, so much appreciated that if my buddy can get off of work, I'll take that Thursday off, drive up to Columbia, and cook chicken all afternoon. I don't know who I'll pull for (Cockfan pissed me off beyond repair back in '04 and I think everybody hates UNC). but at least the food will be good.

We don't have too much going on so I can babble on accordingly this weekend. One of the items that I want to hit on involves the Alma Mater. My grandfather passed away last September. While he was sick, my Grandmother was beside him the entire time. Every time my grandmother made it a point to say how proud they were that I graduated from Clemson...that one of their own went to Clemson. Since then, I'll say that I wear my ring more and make sure that everybody knows I went to Clemson. Like many of you, the only thing I wanted was to go to Clemson. I don't think you'll find a bigger fan than my grandma, though. As much as I wanted to go to Clemson, she loved it more. And don't think you pull for the Tigers as much as NaNa. If you say a bad word about Danny Ford, done son.

You will find a close one in Dr. B--he pulls for Clemson almost as hard. That son of a bitch knows his Clemson football and loves it almost as much as I do. And be sure to congratulate Dr. B on his promotion....he is one of the smartest guys I've been around and deserves all he's earned.

Anyway, I made a point that (A) I need a will and (B) the first thing that goes in that will is a provision requiring my Clemson ring on the right index finger and that my Alma Mater will be played. Not this crackerjack bullshit. My Alma Mater

I have a buddy who was discussing kid names with me....he said, out of respect, if he has a kid will not name it Danny Ford. My recommendation is to name him after Rodney Williams. That keeps me on track...I have a dog named Fred Couples and will have twin boys...Danny Ford and Dale Earnhardt will be their names (mom doesn't know this yet, but I am just assuming the painkillers they give her will be potent enough to get her to sign the certificate). Anyway, I tried to get Dr. B to go fishing with us down in the Keys. The response I got was "Lets go drink hurricanes and hand grenades down on Bourbon Street." Can't argue that, but I can head to the golf course. Have a great week.