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2013 Regional Sunday Thoughts

A tremendous Sunday to all of you. I'll keep it short and sweet. This week has been one of the more exciting weeks this offseason with all the recruiting activity that has arisen. Fortunately, we still expect a couple more commitments to hit the pipeline in the next few weeks that will leave us feeling good going into the fall. Unfortunately, there is still a long road between today and Signing Day and we'll hope that we have more fortune (and can avoid the Ole Miss $$$$$$) than last season.

Baseball...well hopefully the bats will stay awake. Clemson was simply pitiful at the plate for what seems like forever but finally put it together yesterday. Against Liberty, the Tigers were first pitch happy and appeared to be wound very tight...similar to one Jack Leggett. Jack, come on, you have been doing this for how many years? At some point you would think the old man would loosen up and realize it is just a game...then his players would loosen up and realize it is just a game. Then we can actually play the freaking game without being so overthought-out prior to the game.

On the Tour, your man Matt Kuchar leads the field at Memorial going into Round 4. We'll see if he can choke away another win in the same fashion as last week. Yes, I realize Tiger has not played well this week. However, the man has four wins and has made more money this year than most of us can dream of a lifetime. I'll let you in on a little secret...Eldrick still knows how to swing the sticks.

NASCAR is at Dover Downs this week. I've always been lethargic about the circuit but it is not because of the venues. They are at the Monster Mile this week, then go to Pocono, then Michigan. Yes these tracks are not in the South, but there are plenty of rednecks up North to make it worthwhile.

On the subject of bad ass Neckcar gear, I bought my dog, Fred, a sweetass 3 callar and leash. Unfortunately, I misjudged his size. Should I (A) take the easy route and reorder the collar (B) be a real Earnhardt fan and modify it properly (i.e. obscene size knife, duct tape, super glue, etc...) (C) dig deep and get him an RCR collar or (D) be a real Earnhardt fan and make him wear it until it fits?

Our boys need it, and we are serious about baseball, so here is your typical Autumn Slick Ric fix that will lead us to three straight wins on the diamond:

Your Motley fix:

And your PANIC fix: