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2013 Final Four Sunday Thoughts

Mike Ehrmann

We are nearing the end of Spring Drills--culminating with the Spring Game on Saturday. Thanks to the Munson-led state run media, I've heard less realism this year than in any other since the widespread use of the internet. What I think I know is that the battle for backup quarterback is real. The Chad has been forthcoming in his discussion of the competition, frequently pointing to the positives of his guys pushing each other. On one hand, you have the veteran who--after lollygagging around last spring--is fighting like a champ to retain his spot. The other side features redshirt Freshman Chad Kelly. Kelly is a little more dynamic and impressed a lot of folks running the scout team offense last fall. This is extremely encouraging because three competent quarterbacks makes you a little more easy about your starter being the 4th and short bowling ball.

Lots of folks have brought to my attention that Coach Danny Ford was the featured speaker at Spur-dogg's coach's camp/clinic. You know what, good for Ford and good for Spurrier. We have a head coach who, after getting good advice he doesn't like, tells the legend to go eat rocks. They have a guy who realizes this and puts the man to work. If Dabo had a lick of sense, he'd have Danny barnstorming the South and actually listen to the man when he spoke. And by the way, you can bet your ass that there was Budweiser beer and chicken wings involved in Danny's decision to head down to Columbia!

Baseball was able to take the first two of this weekend's series. That is not a particular surprise as Boston College sucks. A sweep here should be expected and will be good for the confidence of this young team. After taking the final game over No. 1 UNC and a mid-week victory over Gardner-Webb, this would give the Tigers five consecutive wins with Western Carolina and PC on-tap prior to hosting Wake next weekend. This team is talented and we've questioned when the experience, talent, and confidence would come together--hopefully that is the mixture we are moving towards.

Outside of Clemson, there is obviously a basketball tournament that is wrapping up tomorrow. As you probably guessed, I don't really care. I am much more interested in the golf down in Augusta. Tiger looks to be playing his best golf in years. Rory decided to get a couple more rounds under his belt before the year's first major. Hopefully the excitement can come close to last year's terrific finish. I will obviously be watching the man--Freddy Couples--closely. This guy knows how to get around the National, so don't be surprised to see Couples get his name up the leaderboard at some point this week. Great week for golf, so everyone be sure to tune in and enjoy the play.

The Neckcar boys are in Martinsville this afternoon. I will admit, Martinsville is one of my favorite tracks of the year. The history of this short track is really cool and the racing is fun to watch as well. I'll admit that I used to get tired of hearing everyone bitch and moan about pitting on the backstretch, but now kind of miss that little unique feature. Obviously the viewers will be watching the soap opera that is NASCAR to see if the feuds continue to play out and if payback will be on some drivers' minds even after the Easter Break.

My television will move back and forth between the golf and racing today (that is unless I get all the stuff done around the house and get out on the golf course). Enjoy the weather and we will discuss the Spring Game next week and enjoy Coach Ford's discussion below. I think Jeff Bostic has inspired me to go shirtless from now until the start of football season.