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Post-Draft Sunday Thoughts

Daniel Shirey-USA TODAY Sports

Clemson was able to sweep the doubleheader on Friday against the Yellowjackets before dropping the series finale on Saturday night. While we all would have loved the sweep, winning the series was very important considering where our team is in the Atlantic race as well as where we are in the national spotlight. We have what should be a sweep against Maryland next weekend before a string of nonconference games that set up the FSU series down in Tallahassee. Barring some catastrophic failure, I fully expect to host a Regional at Tiger Field.

The other big item of the weekend was the NFL Draft. We were all pleased to see Nuk get drafted on the first night. No one seemed too shocked when the Texans took him at 27. We’ve discussed here how good of a player we think DeAndre Hopkins is at length. Before Sammy, all we had was Nuk. Last season—following suspension and injury to Watkins—Nuk was the man again. The scary thing is the improvement we saw from this young man over his career at Clemson. As a freshman, he should have started from game #1 and was the lone bright spot at receiver. He had a solid sophomore campaign then quit basketball to focus solely on football. This effort was obvious last season as Nuk had a ridiculous season and was THE MAN catching the football. Props to Nuk. We’d like to thank him for all he’s done for our Alma Mater and wish him all the best in the league.

Otherwise in the draft, I thought that the best Clemson senior—Andre Ellington—was unjustly upstaged by two average-at-best defensive players. I was screaming at the television when my Falcons drafted Goodman in the fourth round. Maybe they were as mesmerized by the size of his hands as Dabo was for several years? Goodman basically never developed after generating a lot of hype his freshman year. Yes, he did play very well in the Peach Bowl. Otherwise, I am very underwhelmed. I will say this in Goodman’s defense—Clemson has done a piss poor job getting defensive linemen (and defensive ends in particular) to perform their entire time at Clemson. How many times have we bitched and moaned about a defensive end with tons of talent who’s motor doesn’t run all the time (especially early in a career)? We said it about Bowers, Sapp, and a host of other folks. Additionally, Clemson’s inability to properly add weight here has pissed us off—but I will not digress down that path. All the best to Goodman. Maybe I am underestimating his potential. If that is the case, then Clemson needs to reassess its strategy on developing defensive ends. In my opinion, as a Falcons fan, I never would have used that pick in that fashion. The Dirty Birds must believe the talent is there and Clemson just couldn’t get the performance out of that talent that money/other coaching can.

Hopefully someone on the next level can teach Jonathan Meeks how to wrap up while tackling. Proper tackling technique does not include trying to use your body as a projectile. Break down and USE YOUR FREAKING ARMS TO WRAP UP! What I’ll remember most about Meeks is the poor angles taken and his obsession to attempt and miss the knock out shot. Again, maybe the pro’s can get these basic items across.

We have a bunch of Clemson guys at the top of the golf tournament this week. Lucas Glover and Kyle Stanley are both stoked to pick up the win down in Louisiana. We are pulling for both. Neckcar was in Richmond last night and Harvick and the Budweiser car pulled into victory lane. C-Elk is likely jacked up today after the RCR victory.

Finally, the sad news I’ve debated how to talk about. We lost the Possum last week. George Jones is one of everyone’s favorites and is straight up Country Gold. Jones once asked “Who’s gonna fill their shoes?” and certainly no one has. Those guys were tough and what we now have is a bunch of pussies singing country music. Those guys lived it and loved it. We won’t ever get another Waylon watasha Jennings, George Jones, or John Cash ever again. When you think about it, it is pretty sad. Instead, listen to The Possum and enjoy all the badassness that Jones and his guys gave us. Here is my favorite, followed by some other greats we've all enjoyed over the years. You'll recall, Mr. Jones' voice sounds sweet and smooth no matter the song. We'll miss Possum singing about the Grand Old Opry and all the other solid songs. RIP George.

George Jones--"He Stopped Loving Her Today"

"Who's Gonna Fill Their Shoes?"