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Ibrahim Djambo Commits

Joshua S. Kelly-USA TODAY Sports

If you've read the bad news thread about Jeb Blazevich, you've probably seen by now that 6'10 PF Ibrahim Djambo has committed to the Clemson Tigers. He's a JUCO player that averaged 17 ppg, 9 rpg, and 2 bpg this past year. He shot over 75% from the free throw line and 36% from the 3.

He's very skilled for his size. Besides shooting the ball well, he can also has a good handle. You don't necessarily want a 6'10 guy roaming around the perimeter too much, but he'll be comfortable with the ball in his hands out there. He also has very good footwork, which is often the product of African players growing up playing soccer. As you'll see in his video below (which admittedly isn't against the best competition) he glides effortlessly into his moves. There isn't a ton to see there, but I can see enough to realize that he's worked hard on both his face up and post up game.

There are two things that could hold him back. First, is he physical enough to guard opposing PF's and C's? Weighing in at only 205 lbs, he'll need to add some weight in the next 6 months and use his length and good positioning to make up for his lack of girth. Secondly, how quick can he pick up Brownell's schemes, both offensively and defensively. We've already seen that if you don't buy in defensively, or have trouble picking up the offense, that Brownell won't hesitate to bury you on the bench. Due to our lack of numbers and talent on the interior it'll be near impossible to bury Djambo on the bench, but he's definitely going to have to fight for a starting spot.

Clemson beat out the likes of Kansas State, Southern Illinois, St. Louis, and Southern Miss for his services. He'll have 3 years to play 2.