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Jeb Blazevitch Set to Announce: Pearman Continues Napping

Danny Pearman, I see right through you...
Danny Pearman, I see right through you...
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Jeb Blazevitch is set to announce tomorrow at 4:30 pm on ESPNU. As I have stated on here before I have had a small recruiting man crush on Jeb and thought he would make a great addition to this class and Clemson University. It does not appear that he will be picking us over Georgia and Ole Miss tomorrow. This should not have happened.

I want to take this opportunity to thank Jeb for being a class act. In all of my interactions with him he was very gracious with his time.

This was set up to be a perfect storm for Clemson. Nothing is a gimme, layup in recruiting but when you have a genuinely good kid (no handlers or backroom deals) who is a devoted Christian (wears his religion on his sleeve) coupled with the fact that his brother already attends the same school--it is a pretty good set-up for anybody. Add in that he lives just up the road in Charlotte and wants to commit early, will absolutely stick to that commitment, and recruit for your team and he sounds like a dream recruit. This is a top 150 TE, invited to the Opening and Under Armor All-Star game, who is perfect for Chad's offense. He runs good routes and catches the ball exceptionally for a kid his size. He can work on the line as well. It is a position of need and we have recently turned a good player into a Mackey Award winner and an average player into a highly productive, potential draft pick. Enter Danny Pearman.

About a week or two ago there began to be rumblings amongst the Bulldogs that they had pulled ahead for his services. Ole Miss has family connections (grandparent legacy stuff) and some in that camp believe they will land him as well. Clemson has somehow remained confident that past couple of weeks so I didn't fret all that much but now that it is coming down to it--sounds like they should have been in complete panic mode.

Everyone knows I am not a fan of Pearman in Clemson's talent rich backyard of Charlotte (so forgive the overkill). I know, I know he is a great position coach blah, blah, blah. I am the recruiting guy and delivering the goods in recruiting is what I care about. The man refuses to get with the social media program and outwork the competition. He isn't inventive, lacks energy and charisma, and worst of all is not consistent with recruits--the hallmark of Dabo's magic. Dabo is always, always consistent with recruits and coaches (meaning he calls every week without fail and stays in contact until he is forcefully removed from the picture and even then can sometimes stick around).

Pearman should fall asleep on his front porch tonight and have Dabo Skype in on an Ipad as he goes to school. Seriously, this should not have happened. For once Coach Richt actually beat Dabo in his pitch. This isn't money--this is being outworked. He is even the position coach in this instance.

This comes right on the heels of hearing the number one recruit in the Charlotte area, Elijah Hood, say that he hadn't heard from Clemson in months until recently when he started getting blown up by Clemson coaches. Lazy Pearman. Just plain lazy. You mean to tell me that the number one recruit in the region--who could play RB or LB for you got essentially dropped for months? Tell me how that happens...

Excuse #1: We were prioritizing how to expend resources, RB wasn't a need at the time with Cook.

Yeah right. We have a tiny class and everyone knew Cook could bolt at any time. We have been working some back-ups for awhile now.

Excuse #2: He is going to Notre Dame anyway so it's a waste of time.

Nope. He is saying his heart is with UNC and his mind Notre Dame. Already enough of a crack in the ND armor to keep pushing. You are going to let him get away to UNC? We can't beat out UNC with the same offense, except ours is better? How much time does it take to send a FB message?? Really? It is so easy to maintain contact with this thing called technology Danny. You connect these tubes straight up to your phone and then you move a finger around and you don't even need to make any effort with your vocalizer. Seriously??

Excuse #3: Come on man, the fishing!!

I knew it.

This is the image I have of you working effectively everyday...

Excuse #4: So what--I'm lazy. What are you going to do about it Mr. Quackers on a keyboard in your drawers. I get paid the big bucks, Dabo loves me and will defend me no matter what. Oh and if you pull me out of Charlotte now you will waste all of the great contacts with coaches that have delivered prospects like...umm...(not that WR last year, what was his name...)...Jeb (oh wait, didn't even deliver on the gift wrapped recruit)...Hopper--yes, G-Hop the lifelong Clemson fan.

Yes, you have a point there Mr. Pearman. If there is no accountability then why should you care...smh...

I hope I am horribly wrong about all of this (oh and basketball recruiting is not fairing much better-the confidence in landing Djitte has dropped dramatically).