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Cooper, Kelly Out For Season


Clemson University has confirmed that both tight end Sam Cooper and quarterback Chad Kelly have suffered a torn ACL after getting injured during Clemson's spring game on Saturday. Both will miss the entire 2013 season, but will be able to qualify for a medical redshirt.

We have all suspected Kelly had a torn ACl based on comments by Dabo after the game on Saturday, but no one was expecting Cooper to have such a devastating injury. While unproven at the position, Cooper's injury is much more devastating to a Tiger offense that needs to replace the receiving production from Brandon Ford and DeAndre Hopkins.

DrB will probably go into more detail, but eyes are turning to early-enrolle freshman Jordan Leggett who did well during spring practice. It is too early to say much, but this is definitely and area we will be seeing young players getting most of the snaps this season.

At backup QB there is less of an issue as Cole Stoudt is more than capable of handling the offense should Boyd get hurt. This does leave Clemson with only 2 scholarship QBs on the roster so hopefully Morris curtails Boyd's running this season.

In case you missed it, Tajh, Sammy, and QC all made the trek down to Athens to see UGA's spring game. While there isn't a lot of X's and O's they could take from this, I will speak from experience when I say there is a big difference between watching tape of an opponent and getting a chance to see them work in person. The other big takeaway is that both Tajh and Sammy are putting in some additional work in the offseason. Not many players would be willing to make this trip, and I like the indications of where our two biggest playmakers are at mentally.

In baseball Clemson has now moved up to 12th in some of the latest rankings. While the merits of all these rankings have been debated endlessly, it is never a bad thing to see Clemson moving up in them. Staying ranked at the very least keeps Clemson in that national discussion about baseball which helps with recruiting for kids who wouldn't normally hear about the school.