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2013 Spring Game Open Thread

Joshua S. Kelly-US PRESSWIRE

Today's game will be located at Clemson's Memorial Stadium. The action officially begins at 4:00 EDT and, if you cannot make it, will be streamed via ESPN3 (though last year's stream was blacked out in many portions of the South). Use this thread as a discussion of today's contest or as a general location to discuss Clemson Football as a whole.

When viewing today's "Game," please remember that this is not a real game--more of a glorified practice. The coached should and will use it for that purpose. They are working on basic fundamentals and attempting to get out of the Spring improved and without major injuries. I'll also caution you to not take too much from this day. We've seen plenty of All-World players in April who do nothing in the fall. This period is designed to be a learning period. it is also a great spot to open up the depth chart and allow some players who haven't necessarily gotten playing time in the past to get out and get reps.

What I would like for you to do is focus on the fundamentals the players display. Pay attention to the younger guys who may not have seen much action in the past and focus on how they play. Watch the guys who logged snaps last season and evaluate whether they appear to have done the things this winter to get better. Examples include fundamental and physical items. Good examples include whether the player gained the extra five pounds needed, improved hip flexibility in the defensive backfield, showed more pronounced ball security out of the backs, arm position out of the quarterbacks, and foot movement by our linemen. This is a period of improvement and these types of exercises give the fans a glimpse of physical and technical improvement more so than yards per carry, sacks, and are much more important than anything on the scoreboard.

Enjoy the action and, if you are in Tigertown for the game, be sure to head on over to Beautiful Tiger Field for baseball against Wake Forest.