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Easter Sunday Thoughts--RIP Mal Moore

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He is Risen! Enjoy the resurrection of Christ. Put on your pastel suit, enjoy a visit from the Easter bunny, and until Labor Day you can rock all the white and linen you want. Spring is here, we have the Tournament at Augusta on the brink, trips to the pool/lake/beach on the horizon, Spring game rolling around, and lots of baseball/golf on all fronts. I love Spring.

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I haven't featured a musical or wresting item in quite sometime, so I'll lead this one off with one of my favorite Yardbirds clips. You have to be a BAMF to roll out in a three-piece suit and sunglasses.

On to what I do best, babble about randomness. The Clemson Athletics Department has done an about-face with the looming TDP retirement. It is good to have someone in there who you don't have to put a mirror under his nose to confirm there is still life. Radakovich (who I will henceforth refer to as D-Rad for obvious reasons) has already brought the Littlejohn issue to a crossroad--openly saying what we've all thought for quite some time. Either upgrade these facilities or get used to poor talent on the floor. The previous upgrade was very shortsighted and a big waste of money. I agree, either do it right or save/use your money for something else.

I'll have to apologize, last week I failed to hype one of the best sporting events of the year...the Tavistock Cup. I thought everyone was well versed on this event, but apparently I am wrong. The Tavistock Cup is essentially a golf event that its members of one country club against another. There, of course, is a little twist. These country clubs' member rosters are the stuff of legend. In fact, this is essentially a non-sanctioned PGA event featuring the best in golf. Oh, yeah, they have tons of sponsors and the Golf Channel shows up as well. A little bigger than a cross-county rivalry. It is always held on the days immediately following the tournament at Bay Hill, so mark your calenders for next year's event and I'll try and do a better job pimping this thing out.

We keep hearing snippets from Chad Morris regarding spring drills. That guy is serious. He has no qualms talking and challenging any/all of his quarterbacks publicly. Per The Chad (and Coach Dabo), Cole is having a much better Spring and looks to be maturing. Obviously, Chad Kelly is the talent everyone is watching and we all have a keen interest in this race because (A) Tajh is a senior and (B) Tajh is asked to run the ball way too much, opening the possibility of injury. We obviously are happy that Boyd will leave Clemson with a degree or two but are concerned with the extreme number of QB keepers that are associated with the Clemson offense. We have to find a way to get a yard and a half without running our signal caller each and every time.

In baseball, Clemson got bitchslapped last night against UNC. As everyone knows, North Carolina has a stout squad this season. As you also know, this series is a Saturday to Monday series that accommodates Monday coverage on ESPNU. Thus, we should have good coverage for a game Monday...I believe first pitch is at 6 PM.

Finally, I want to give my condolences to the friends and family of Mal Moore. Mal was a part of the Alabama athletics department forever, playing under the Bear and eventually rising to the position of Athletic Director. He is the guy who fought through a couple coaching decisions at Bammer only to end up with Nick Saban and expanding Bryant-Denny Stadium and pushing through a ton of upgrades there. A legend was lost this week and I hope all realize the impact Mal Moore had Bama football. Roll Tide.

I have lots of qualms with many Clemson fans, including the dipshits over at Tardnet. I will say that I rarely go over there but when your Gamecock friends drill your inbox with their stupidity it is tough to ignore. Why does SOS take shots at Coach Dabo? Because he can. Last I checked, he has whipped Coach Dabo's ass nearly half a decade. Yes, you read that correctly, one more win and it will be one for the thumb. So why is Clemsonfan all pissed at Spurrier taking jabs at Clemson? News flash*****if we beat Scar, Steve won't be so liberal with his comments. Instead of firing into the old Ball Coach, why don't you try firing into the man in charge here? Go to your local IPTAY meeting and ask Coach Dabo why he is the only person in the world who thinks it is a good idea NOT to block Clowney. Dude is the best player in all of America and we choose not to even freaking chip the man. Anyway, don't get mad at Steve for firing into Clemson. We deserve it because we've repeatedly gotten our ass whipped. If you want to be pissed, get pissed at the assholes who are responsible for the losses on Clemson's side.

I'll end this discussion on a positive note. It is never too early to hate Georgia, so I would suggest everyone get their UGa hate going early with this gem courtesy of Coach Danny Ford.