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STS Cookin': Killer Shrimp

If anything screams easy, tasty, and tailgating, I believe it is these shrimp. I got the original idea from the local Fatz restaurant, found a few copycat recipe ideas in various locations online, and made some slight adjustments. As you'll see below, the preparation and cooking are very easy. The result is magnificent and I'd suggest everyone try this recipe either at your tailgate, at the lake this summer, or at home hanging out by the TV.


1 lb (18-20 qty) raw extra Jumbo Shrimp

1 lb bacon

1 cup BBQ sauce

--Long Skewers

--Basic Grilling Items

First peel, de-vein, and remove the tails of the shrimp and set them to the side.


Cook the bacon slightly. I'll note that I am partial to Carolina Pride bacon after watching the kid put together the birdhouse each week during the Danny Ford Show. You will want it limp and slightly undone...the shrimp will take about eight minutes to grill so you want your bacon eight minutes from done as well. I like to save the bacon drippings for a little red eye gravy over my grits.


Wrap each shrimp with bacon and skewer as shown below. If available, I like to sprinkle lime juice over the shrimp prior to wrapping them.


Next throw the skewers on the grill. Grilling shrimp is pretty simple. Watch the color as they should turn orange when cooked. Glaze the cooked skewers with the BBQ sauce, allowing the sauce to warm, then remove the skewers from the grilling surface. I'll note that I typically make my own mustard-based BBQ sauce though rely on Kraft Original off the shelf for this project. This is a ketchup-based sauce. The use of ketchup-based sauce caramelizes nicely and blends very well with the bacon and shrimp combination.


The result is delicious bacon/shrimp/BBQ goodness.