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The 2013 Clemson Tiger Recruiting Class

Recruit - Proj. position at CU - HS - any film I can get - vitals - rankings from Rivals and some of our thoughts after looking at their film.

Enrolled (4):

Jadar Johnson - CB - Orangeburg-Wilkinson HS, SC - film 1, film 2, 3 - 6'1 180 4.6 40' 3-star Athlete - #9 player in SC and #29 athlete overall. A little tall for a Corner and I'm surprised he didn't get more offers to play Safety, and might be ideal as a boundary zone CB; not the man-to-man type because his footwork needs considerable development. Plays aggressively on defense and not scared when the ball is in the air. This one is a tweener to RS or not, just because of the numbers, but I think he would benefit from one. Recruited by Marion Hobby.

Ebenezer "Ebo" Ogundeko - WDE - Thomas Jefferson Academy, Brooklyn NY - film 1, 2, 3 - 6'3 230 4.6 40' 4-star DE - #1 player in the state of NY, #15 SDE and #212 overall by Rivals. He's rated as a OLB by some, DE by others. Would be the JACK linebacker in a 3-4 system. Ebo in some ways reminds me of Ricky Sapp. He's quick off the edge, good first step, good motor, good range to the sideline. However, his technique is really lacking. He does not know how to really use his hands and if he gets hit first, he usually doesn't seem to do well. His pads tend to come too high and the OT gets under him. Expect him to RS. Recruited by Marion Hobby.

Shaq Lawson - SDE - Hargrave Military Academy, VA, originally Daniel HS - film 1 - 6'4 270 4-star DE- Out of Daniel he was rated #3 player in SC, #19 DE overall. Offered by Maryland and Tennesee as well at Daniel, but was Clemson's all the way. His motor and first step looks very good on highlight clips, which are always the first things to look at with a defensive lineman, and his long arms and overall lower body strength is good. Speed is very good, pad level is good too. Unlikely to RS. Credit for the commitment was originally given to Steele and Hobby.

Jordan Leggett - TE -Navarre HS, FL - film 1 - 6'6 220 4.7 40' 3-star TE -#13 TE nationally, #83 player in Florida. Leggett is tall and hip flexibility looks good on his WR film, his route running looks OK and his effort in blocking looks good as well. However, he is not fast on the film. He's a bit of a tweener at WR and TE, too slow for WR and likely to bulk up a good bit. A Brandon Ford type essentially. I'd expect a RS. Recruited by Chad Morris.

Signed (19):

Mackensie Alexander - CB - Immokalee HS, FL - film 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 - 5'11 175 4 star CB - #7 CB by Rivals nationally, #8 player in FL, and #42 player overall. One of the best cover CBs in the country, and filled a definite need. Great ball skills, great hip flexibility, tackles well enough too in run support. Reportedly gave Sammy Watkins a hard time in HS and excels in M2M coverage. We point out that his recruitment has been high drama, and he has a high bust factor because of that. Will not RS, so throwing him to the wolves may bring that attitude in check. Also will need significant work on his zone skills. Recruited as a group by Tony Elliott, Brent Venables, and Charlie Harbison.

Tyrone Crowder - OG - Richmond Cty, Rockingham NC - 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 - 6'2 340 4-star OG - #5 player in NC, #11 OG and #184 player nationally. Big and mean, which we love, but a little too big and needs to reshape his body (How many times do we say that about OL and it never happens?). Plays with good technique in passing situations and very physical at the POA as a run blocker, because he comes off pretty low and is physically strong. Recall David Beasley was like this in HS. Likely RS since all OL require one, and this one needs to lose 20lbs. Recruited by Robbie Caldwell.

Ben Boulware - MLB - TL Hanna HS, Anderson SC - 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 - 6'0 225 4.7 40' 4-star MLB - #10 player in SC, #8 MLB overall and #202 player in the nation, mostly due to a good senior season. Plays with great energy and tenacity, loves to hit, reads his keys very well, and was impressive when I saw him at the Shrine Bowl. The only real problem with Boulware is his straight-line speed. In some sense, this is a Spencer Shuey clone. His HS film was otherwise comparable to B.J. Goodson's. Should take the RS year, considering the numbers at LB. Officially recruited by Chad Morris, but credit should go to Jeff Scott as well. Brother Garrett plays Catcher for Jack Leggett.

Tyshon Dye - RB - Elbert Cty HS, Elberton, GA - film 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 - 6'0 208 4.44 40' 4-star RB - #16 RB and #217 player nationally, #16 player in GA. On tape he's the 1-cut-and-go type, not a shifty runner. I think claims of 4.4 speed are pushing it a little, but was recorded at 10.9 in the 100 and 21.9 in the 200. He won't be there when he puts another 10-15lbs on in college for sure. I see some James Davis in him, in that respect. He can catch the ball pretty well out of the backfield, and he's still a power runner. It's a toss up whether he takes a RS, but I think it is unlikely. Recruited by Chad Morris and Jeff Scott, with follow-up visits by Elliott.

Jayron Kearse - FS/SS - Fort Myers, FL - film 1, 2 - 6'4 210 4.6 40' 4-star athlete - Was previously committed to both Auburn and Miami. Could see him at FS or SS at Clemson, but others offered him as a WR as well. Kearse is pretty long, so I can see the usefulness at WR or as a big Safety to force the balls over. He also has pretty good hands and ball skills, as he played pretty much everywhere in HS, but more offense than defense. I think, if he fills out too much, that he might be a bit big for safety and will end up being used as more of a hybrid safety/LB role. Nephew of NFL All-Pro Jevon Kearse. Unlikely to RS. Recruited by Tony Elliott.

Dorian O'Daniel - OLB - Our Lady of Good Counsel, Olney MD - film 1, 2, 3 - 6'1 201 4.55 40' 4-star OLB - #8 OLB overall, #106 player in the nation and #3 player in Maryland. Was originally much higher rated at his position nationally, formerly #37 in Rivals100. He's got great speed and range due to some great hip flexibility. He gets in the backfield and makes tackles, and can cover guys in open space. That natural coverage ability looks like a perfect fit for a WLB, though the SAM would do the same things in a 4-3 Over defense. I would not say he's a headhunter type that just craves putting a hit on someone, but he does take good angles in the film we've seen and wraps up. Played a lot of RB in HS as well. Recruited by Jeff Scott.

Scott Pagano - DT - Moanalua HS, Honolulu HI - film 1, 2, 3 - 6'3 280 4-star DT - #1 player in Hawaii and #22 DT overall. Was rated considerably higher, #104 overall in rivals and #6 DT nationally, and dropped this year. Pagano looks like a 3-technique in college. Pagano has family in Greenville SC and they helped sway the military brat to Clemson. On film he's a monster relative to his competition, and out there the big guys do take things seriously when it comes to football. I just have my doubts about the level of that competition, and I doubt some of his hype. His performance at the Rivals 5-Star Challenge against the best HS OL was not monstrous at all, but walking off the bus, this guy looks about as ready to play as anyone we've signed. Physically he's ready. I'll buy into a 4-star rating. He's a bull-rusher first as you might expect from a 280lb HS kid, and extremely physical at the point of attack. He likes to hurt people. His attitude is very apparent in his play and most of his comments publicly, which I love. I think his pad level needs to come down for him to be successful, but his motor runs constantly and his first step is good, which are probably the two most important attributes to look for in a HS DL. I think its unlikely he plays his first year, simply due to what is in front him on the depth chart. His first recruiting conversations were with Venables and Morris, but the offer came from Brooks, who has built up the relationship.

Mike Williams - WR - Lake Marion HS, Santee SC - film 1 - 6'4 210 4.7 40 4-star WR - #27 WR nationally and #222 player overall. #2 player in-state behind Tramel Terry. Williams is a big WR with excellent leaping ability; he high-points the ball well. His ball skills and route running are good. He needs it because he's not a speedster, which is probably what prevents him from getting to a 5.9 or higher marker. His HS film is a lot like Brandon Ford's, but I don't think he bulks up like Ford. Williams is an outside receiver. Ideally he would RS, but due to numbers I expect him to play. Recruited by Marion Hobby, with Jeff Scott assistance.

Wayne Gallman - RB - Grayson HS, Loganville, GA - film 1, 2, 3, 4 - 6'1 198, 4.5 40' 3-star RB - #29 player in GA and #30 RB overall. Gallman is a bigger back, more of an upright, 1-cut and downhill runner in the mold of Raymond Priester rather than James Davis. He's not afraid of contact and usually falls forwards. In college he's likely to put on another 15 lbs. I don't know that we can afford to RS him because of depth at RB, and the need for a bigger back. Recruited by Tony Elliott.

Adrian Baker - CB - Chaminade Madonna HS, Hollywood FL - film 1, 2, 3 - 6'1 168 3-star CB - #43 CB nationally and #67 player in FL. Tried to commit to FSU early on, they tried to reneg because he was a fallback for them, and they eventually accepted the commitment. Extremely fast, 10.5/100 and 21.5/200 speed. More of a M2M corner at this point in time, and plays a lot of WR, so his ball skills are pretty good. Hip flexibility is very good, you can see that on the film. I think this one ends up playing. Recruited by Brent Venables.

Korrin Wiggins - FS/SS - Hillside HS, Durham NC - film 1, 2, 3, 4 - 6'1 185 3-star CB - #14 player in NC, #42 CB nationally. Former UNC commit. Projects more as a deep half safety according to others. Good ball skills, great range and acceleration, but maybe not the hip turn required for CB play in college. With a high football IQ, I wouldn't be shocked if this one ends up avoiding RS. Recruited by Robbie Caldwell with Charlie Harbison.

Maverick Morris - RT - Douglas Coffee County GA - 6'5 290 3-star OT - #68 OT nationally, unranked in Georgia. Had no official offers before camp at Clemson, where Chad Morris drilled him and offered him on the spot. Big, bacco-chewing country boy. Physical, mean run blocker likely to play RT at Clemson. Will take the RS. Though he is officially a Danny Pearman recruit by territory, we're giving credit to Chad Morris.

Kyrin Priester - WR - Brookwood HS, Snellville GA - film 1, 2, 3 - 6'1 181 4.55 40 3-star WR - #51 player in Georgia, #77 WR nationally. Former NC State commit, who flipped after Mike Reed was hired. After looking over his film, I'd call Priester a Humphries clone in some ways, but with a little more speed like Hopkins. What stands out is that he's a football player, not an athlete playing football. He played defense, and is not scared to block someone as many WRs are. He's not super-fast, and probably not any faster than Nuk is right now, so he's not the type to really stretch a defense. He's more along the lines of a shorter slot/possession receiver who knows how to get open because he runs crisp routes Due to WR numbers, may have to play. Recruited by Mike Reed.

Dane Rogers - DE - Crest HS, Shelby NC - film 1, 2, 3, 4 - 6'3 253 4.8 40' 3-star DE - #15 player in NC, #30 WDE overall. The first thing that I'd say about Rogers is that he's a raw talent, and more of a project End that needs work. His first step is pretty good and his motor runs, but his pad level is way too high. His hand usage is OK. If his pads would come down, his strength would register a lot more sacks for him at Crest. He looks a lot like Shaq Lawson to me. I would expect him to redshirt a year before seeing major PT. Recruited by Dan Brooks, and is the cousin of DT Carlos Watkins.

Cordrea Tankersley - Safety - Hargrave Military Academy, VA, originally from Silver Bluff HS, Aiken SC - film 1, 2 - 6'1 195 4.4 40' 3-star Safety. Out of Silver Bluff, he was #10 player in SC and #39 Safety nationally. Offers from Miami and SC. Tankersley has been recruited to play DB at Clemson, but played both ways at Silver Bluff and is the QB, leading rusher, and a part-time pass defender. I can see that he's going to be big a CB if he goes that route, but his frame says Safety, and he doesnt appear to be scared of laying a hit, and has a developed lower body (arms are pretty skinny still). He's a bit stiff on defense, so I wouldnt be surprised to see him ever line up at WR, but he did OK at DB in the previous Shrine Bowl. Recruited by Charlie Harbison.

Marcus Edmond - CB - Lower Richland HS, Hopkins SC - film 1, 2, 3 - 6'0 175 4.5 40 3-star Athlete -#12 player in SC. Ran the 400m in under 48 sec as a Jr. but that is a long-strider event, and we need more explosiveness out of his stances to play at CB. Hips are good but small frame to gain weight, a bit like Martin Jenkins. Plays some QB at Lower Richland. This is a fallback project, a borderline take in my opinion. Would be great at a 1-AA school, but could develop if there was a good S&C program here. Really needs the RS to develop physically and his short-sprint speed. Former NC State commitment, recruited by Reed.

T.J. Green - FS/WR - Sylacauga HS, AL - film 1, 2, 3 - 6'3 198 4.45 40 2 star Athlete - Unranked by some, somehow rated 4-stars by ESPN, 3 stars by some others. I think low 3 star is accurate. Tackling technique needs work, but angles appeared ok. More like a Rashard Hall. Neither in-state school offered this former UAB commitment until Auburn offered at WR the last week, mostly due to Harbison, who discovered him at Clemson. He's tall and fast, and that's about all that can be said because there's almost no film on him. What is appears to be against some pitiful competition. I think he's a better WR prospect than a Safety, like a Jaron Brown, because his ball skills appear to be good, he just rounds off his cuts. Will need the RS if he's to play D. This one is all Dabo, and his record at picking up late bloomers from Alabama is poor.

D.J. Greenlee - TE/FB - Daniel HS, Clemson SC - film 1- 6'1 203 5.0 40' 2-star LB - First commit in the class at this time last year. Bad measurables all around: 5.0 40 for a linebacker and did only 10 reps of 185 at the 2012 Shrine Bowl Combine last spring. I, and many of you reading this, can beat those numbers. Dabo offered D.J., the son of S&C assistant Larry Greenlee, as a gift. Rated as a Linebacker, but will never play the position at Clemson because he's just too slow. At best, he makes special teams or plays the converted FB/H role that Darrell Smith plays now. We believe this is a wasted offer that should've gone to a better player.

Ryan Carter - S - Grayson HS, Loganville GA - film 1 - 5'8" 175 4.59 40 2-star Safety - Unranked in GA. Last minute fallback offer given by Dabo, probably as a favor to Mickey Conn. As a safety he's too short, and as a CB too slow and not good enough in M2M coverage, but could play zone and is able to bring a hit. Given the very high numbers brought in at DB in this class, we think the offer should not have gone out and been kept for next year. The question should also be raised as to why Clemson didn't just offer him if they felt he was a take when Nkemdiche was committed. I think this one avoids RS and plays ST in 2013. Recruited by Elliott, but essentially a Dabo offer.