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Championship Sunday Thoughts


We are down to the last minute in terms of '13 signing class. We'll be discussing this topic all week including who we landed, where the staff missed, and whether or not we filled our needs. Weaved in there is the usual blunt commentary that you'd expect from STS.

This class, which looked to be shaping up to be a monster just a few months ago, has been whittled down quite a bit. I think Clemson fills a couple big needs with big time players on signing day but also think we'll be a bit disappointed with the overall haul-especially at the wide receiver spot. When you consider how this class looked to be shaping up halfway through football season, it almost seems as if the wheels have fallen off the wagon. Though, as promised, all serious assessment from me will be deferred to after NSD. As previously stated, Coach Dabo and crew have pulled some surprises in previous cycles-hence the leniency when it comes to this topic.

Speaking of recruiting, something magical is happening in Oxford. Ole Piss is turning into Ole Mi$$--a modern day Bobby Lowder experience. If the NCAA didn't mess with Auburn, why would anyone think they'd take their happy ass to the state of Mississippi? I'll step away from that topic and let you guys discuss the rumors and items seen on all the message boards.

I need to give the disclaimer here first: I do not condone violating any rules or ordinances. The following is a sampling of hypotheticals that I am sure our current coaching staff would loathe.

I will say this: If you got to cheat to win, then you got to cheat to win. It is what it is-if you don't appreciate the facts then you are just plain ignorant. Would I take five years of probation for one MNC? Hell yes. Could they shut down the whole program for one MNC? Bobby Lowder rolled the dice out on the Plains and won BIG. Not only did they get their MNC but they also managed to get the Stooge to leave and the SEC/NCAA was so money greedy, no so dirty, no so into all the Cam Newton hype thorough in their investigation that Auburn clearly did nothing wrong in their 2010 campaign. I am definitely not asking for any Bobby Lowder activity from anyone associated with Clemson because the stories behind that journey are just ridiculous. The only thing that I will cap this discussion with is the following: if you choose to cheat, you damn sure better win a shitload of football games. Nothing would be worse than getting having the NCAA go balls in on you when you don't have a cabinet full of hardware to show for it...isn't that right Hal Mumme?

After Wednesday (well, let's be honest...for me, ever since the game was announced a couple years ago) I will go into Georgia mode. There is nothing better than hating Georgia-so I encourage you to do just that and get on it early. It is never too early to start getting ready for their trip to Tigertown this fall...I'd also say that you should demand a big thank you from your local Carolina fan as we will most certainly soften them up for the Gamecocks who go to Athens the week following our contest.

There has been discussion of moving that football game from a Saturday contest to another day of the week. I have no problems featuring this game-possibly as the Thursday Night kickoff to football season. I have no problem with a Monday night feature. I think Mark Richt would punch a network exec in the face for such a game (with Carolina on the docket the next week). The only thing I ask is that the Clemson admin and the UGa folks get their doo-doo together and put this game on the schedule every single year.

I hate Georgia...and I am Macho freaking excited about whipping Jawjas's candy ass...

It is Super Bowl Sunday. Personally, I have no dog in this fight but think that the 49ers are just too good overall not to win this football game. They've looked like a complete team throughout their playoff run and are well coached. Likewise, their opponent, the Baltimore Ravens, is very well coached and is riding a wave of momentum and emotion into this game. I am hoping for a good football game. Everyone has been enamored with the influx of the Pistol formation and zone read plays. San Fran obviously has the quarterback to run such an attack as Kaepernick has been in this attack since he enrolled at Nevada in 2006. All eyes are focused on Baltimore's retiring linebacker Ray Lewis-though I would not discount other aspects of this team because they are so well coached. Hopefully we'll see a good game this evening without lip synching or wardrobe malfunctions.

Phil went nuts out in the desert. 60 on Thursday followed by a 65 Friday. That is one off the PGA record for two days. I was amazed with Mickelson's excellent game control for most of the first two rounds but was really disappointed with the double on 18 to end the second round. 3 wood off the tee there goes into the drink and Phil couldn't get up and down to save the par.

Nonetheless, an impressive display of golf skill-particularly when you compare it to my troubles on the course. I've adjusted my swing to try and fix things with no luck until Friday. I then realized that I've been focusing more on the swing adjustments than the main things in golf-precisely keeping your head down. This is the most obvious thing I'll ever say here-make the muscle memory adjustments on the range, be cognizant of them on the course, but be sure to focus on the major items (keep your head down and eyes on the golf ball in my case) while playing. Playing the game is hard enough. Making and adjustment is harder. Don't completely fuck yourself by (A) not doing the practice necessary ahead of time and (B) losing focus on the main fundamentals. If you practice properly, muscle memory should take over...the only goal is to keep your freaking head down, your left arm straight, and follow through. After that, it is your practice and/or natural talent that takes control.