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Tigers Fall to UNC, 68-59


Another game. Another loss. That's what this season has come to. Six losses in the last seven games. I guess we really do suck. Losing a whole lot of games is bad enough, but coming up short against every single quality team on the schedule makes it a lot harder. Even the worst Tiger team under Shyatt was able to come up with a win over number-one ranked UNC. But this year's squad, barring a March miracle, will end the season without any real signature wins. I guess the win over UVA in early January would have to be considered our best win of the year, but beating a Cavaliers team that came into that game sporting losses to George Mason, Delaware, Old Dominion, and Wake Forest didn't exactly create any warm feelings for any Tiger fans. The bottom line is this: we really don't have any wins to celebrate this year. Nothing to hang our hats on. And in a season when TCU can knock of Kansas and Penn State can beat Michigan, that's damned depressing.

This one was never even close. Marcus Paige nailed a three on the opening possession, and it was all Heels from there on out. K.J.'s absence really hurt us in this one. With him out, only eight Tigers saw the court, and two of those (Bernard Sullivan and Landry Nnoko) only spent a combined 12 minutes on the court.

When you have so many injuries on your roster that you are forced to play just six guys, you have to come out with a whale of a game to win. Devin Booker did his part tonight, shooting 9-13 from the field (and 7-8 at the line) and finishing with 25 points and 11 rebounds. But Booker was the Tiger that played well tonight.

This team just can't shoot. How many times have we seen Rod Hall penetrate the lane only to miss from 2 feet out? You can't win if you can't convert a layup. You just can't. And how many times have we seen the guy with the ball at the top of the key just throw the ball out of bounds? Both Milton and Rod were guilty of that sin tonight.

I'm just so tired of watching bad basketball.