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2012 Post National Signing Day Sunday Thoughts

Daniel Shirey-USA TODAY Sports

This is arguably the biggest/most exciting week of the offseason. Unless you live under a rock you knew that Wednesday was National Signing Day. We've discussed the pickups and disappointments here at length and will likely point back to this week for a couple years. Clemson picked up a solid class though there was a sense of disappointment on a couple of the guys we missed. It was solid in the fact that we went out and addressed needs with many quality players. This is reflected by the talking heads and "professionals" who put our class somewhere in the top 15 nationally. I need to reiterate that the last sentence is worthless if the players you pull don't fit your needs.

The highlight of the day was locking up Mackensie Alexander. Alexander and the boatload of defensive backs brought in with this class should give Venables the depth there we lacked last season. Hopefully we can get a couple of those guys going early so they can contribute sooner rather than later considering the attrition in the defensive backfield following the '12 campaign.

We added considerable numbers on the defensive back and line positions and should be good there numbers-wise. I will admit I am perturbed about several of the offers made by Swinney. You can guess which three pretty easily. I find it ridiculous that a coach's kid is on scholarship. I bitched and moaned when Jeff Scott was placed on scholarship at Clemson and I'll likely bitch and moan about Greenlee wasting a scholarship. It should be a rule that if your father is employed by the athletics department, you find better ways to compensate him for his son's education/contribution to the football team rather than grant a scholarship. Couldn't old Tom Bowden have just slipped an extra $10k into Brad's check and used that scholarship elsewhere? Same with Greenlee. If the kid is a stud or will see significant PT, then it's fine as you would have offered him a scholly anyway. But to place a holder on scholarship or reward a very average high school fullback/linebacker with such seems stupid. It is especially stupid when you realize that we may need that scholarship next year. Bringing Carter on late also is confusing. Either offer him when his buddy is trying to get onboard or don't offer. The way it turned out, we are flush with DBs through this cycle. Hopefully, I'll be eating those words similar to eating the Humphries signing criticism.

We did not pick up that elite defensive lineman we've lacked the past few years. We clearly were disappointed with Adams and Lawson along with the December decommitment and Ole Miss signing of Nkemdiche. What is equally disappointing is all of the whisperings of why they are elsewhere running around the net. I've heard pretty reliable information about each of these folks and it is a damn shame that the NCAA is one of the most hypocritical organizations in the world. As stated here previously, though, if you are going to cheat, you better make damn sure that you win. Cheating and losing is laughable. The only thing more laughable is cheating, losing, and getting caught cheating. Ole Miss/Auburn, you are on the radar and I will laugh my ass off if you cannot turn these classes into lots of wins.

Further, the evidence and information surrounding the recruitment of Cam Newton should have placed significant sanctions on Auburn. Because the NCAA, the television networks, and the SEC was positioned to make a boatload of cheddar if Auburn ran the table, all involved swept the evidence there under the rug and allowed the Plainsmen to march on-even absolving Newton midseason. I don't suspect that attitude will wane moving forward. However, a guy from Georgia Tech gets a t-shirt and a watch and the powers that be act like they've murdered someone. You tell me this isn't a bunch of bullshit. Either open the rules up and just let everybody cheat of actually attempt to implement the rules. There should be nothing in the middle.

I intentionally avoid discussing basketball, but the performance against Virginia last week was possibly the most pathetic excuse of a sporting event I've ever seen. This basketball program should be thoroughly embarrassed and ashamed for the embarrassment it brought to our university following the complete crap that was their nationally televised in-conference massacre. It was sloppy and lacked any sort of urgency. Overall, it is best described as completely unacceptable and is definitely a strike against anything that is going on right now with CU hoops.

On to the less important but equally disturbing. Why in the world are there "Twilight" posters in the coaches' office? That seems ridiculous in and of itself. What is even more ridiculous is that this crap was shown on the university's "fax cam." Take a look at the stream prior to blasting it all over the net. Besides, why in the hell do you have it there anyway? I'd find the nicest place possible and drop the machine there-especially when you realize how many people are looking at your school on signing day.

Is there a more inconsistent guy on tour than Phil? Two weeks ago he struggled. Last week he boat raced the field. This week he barely makes the cut. One thing is definitely certain-you never know what you're going to get out of Mickelson.