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2013 Post Conference Championship Sunday Thoughts

All that is left of this football season is the Bowl games. What does this mean around the country and what does it mean for our Clemson Tigers?

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Yesterday was what seems to be a typical week in the crazy world of college football.  The two big games everyone will talk about include the SECCG and the B1G Championship.  First off, I'll point out that many people are displeased with Auburn getting into the MNC game.  Auburn should still be digging its way out of sanctions placed against associated with their last MNC including the **alleged** wrongdoings all around that should have--at a minimal--made Cam Newton ineligible.  Auburn still scours the land for other programs cast offs and law breakers.  Auburn got rolled at LSU and got flat out lucky against Georgia.  Give us your thoughts about Auburn getting the nod over a lot of other good one loss teams around the country.

All this being said, I typically never pull for Ohio but found myself pulling for the Luckeyes simply to keep Auburn from traveling to Pasadena.  I won't lie, it was entertaining watching Michigan State slow down the highly praised OSU offense then take complete control of the game in the fourth quarter.  The only wish now was that the Luckeyes did not get served more losses this season.  Now that they've lost, I'll go back to pulling against them with full passion.  On the flip side, Michigan State is no joke.  I hadn't watched a lot of the Spartans this season and knew little about this group other than they have a jam up defense.  I, like most of the country, was very impressed with their level of play and overall composure last night.  I am looking forward to the Rose Bowl now and their matchup with Stanford.

How do last week's events affect the Clemson Tigers?  One must assume that the NIU loss to Bowling Green solidifies Clemson getting into the Orange Bowl.  Ohio State's loss means that Bama will likely go to the Sugar Bowl (and not the Orange Bowl) and Ohio will end up in Miami.  I think I'd much rather play the Luckeyes than Alabama but realize this will be a challenge.  Urban Meyer has successful bowl record and generally has his teams prepared and ready to play following the December layoff.  Hopefully they are less than excited about finishing the season after being denied a spot against FSU following last night's football game.  All will be decided and revealed this evening.

One side note I have regarding the B1G Championship game...they play it in a dome.  I think that is a load of crap, as the dome negates conditions played under the previous 12 games and conditions seen up North in outdoor football stadiums over the course of the past month.  I want to turn on the television and see wind / snow for this game.  I would like to see it played possibly at Soldier Field or Lambeau Field so that the teams fight one another and the elements.  All B1G teams choose to play their regular season games without climate control so why start now.  Teams must build their teams around colder November weather and the dome mitigates this preparation.

The SECCG is a little different as weather is generally not a factor in the South this time of year.  I wish there was an outdoor pro stadium in Atlanta or that Legion Field wasn't falling apart.  One option for the SEC would be to play the Championship game in the Gator Bowl, though that would give the Gators a big advantage if they ever get good again.  Again, weather isn't typically too bad in Georgia in early December and weather is pretty pleasant in October/November around SEC-country so playing in a dome doesn't give the teams as much relief as in the B1G.

There is a big golf tournament going on this weekend as well...Tiger Woods leads the field by two strokes going into the final round of the Northwestern Mutual World Challenge.  I'll admit I chose college football over this event yesterday but did catch some of the highlights, including Woods' 62 on Friday.  This is the final year it will be held at Sherwood as the event moves to Florida next December.  For those not familiar with the event, it is an invitation-only tournament featuring 18 players who get in as defending champion, world rankings, or on special selection by the Tiger Woods Foundation.  There is no cut, last place brings home $100,000 with the winner's share of the purse at a cool $1 million.  As host, Woods donates all his earnings this weekend to his foundation.  A couple big names are missing this weekend, including one Phil Mickelson.  As you all know, the golf won't get going until the west-coat swing at the beginning of next year and really won't pick up steam until the King's tournament down at Bay Hill in March.

The professional football league shows the Falcons at Green Bay today.  The Falcons are a huge disappointment this season as you've likely heard me lament here many times.  The 4 o'clock time slot features the Seahawks traveling to San Francisco.  Seattle looked really good dismantling the Saints on Monday but that was in Seattle and the 49ers will be looking to quell their in-division rival.  Speaking of the Saints, they are involved in a big divisional game as they host the Panthers on Sunday Night Football.  Tomorrow they honor Ditka as the Cowboys travel up to Soldier field.

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