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Devin Coleman to Transfer from Clemson

Clemson head basketball coach Brad Brownell announced earlier today that Redshirt Sophomore Guard, Devin Coleman, intends to transfer out of the Clemson Basketball program.

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The Philadelphia native played in 10 of Clemson's 11 contests this year averaging 5.4 points and 1.2 rebounds in 10 minutes per game. Those minutes largely came in two extended outings this season playing 28 minutes against Coastal Carolina and 31 minutes against South Carolina State. Coleman has only played double figure minutes in three games this year and has averaged 14 points in those three games.

It appeared that Coleman was in Coach Brownell's dog house earlier this year when his minutes were non existent. Many speculated that it was due to his defense while others worried that he was not yet fully healthy while recovering from a torn Achilles tendon which sidelined him for the 2012-13 basketball season. The fears of his health were put to rest when Coleman played 28 minutes against Coastal Carolina and the next game against South Carolina State would be his third consecutive game in double figures in both points and minutes.

It appeared that Coleman had cemented his status as an everyday player and a dependable scorer to everyone, but apparently not Brad Brownell. Against Arkansas, Coleman played only 8 minutes scoring 2 points and left myself and other Clemson basketball fanatics scratching our heads. Coleman's decision appeared to be justified when he played only 13 minutes in an absolute blowout win against Furman. The straw that broke the camels back had to be Clemson's last road loss at Auburn where Coleman played only 2 minutes in a game where the Tigers were desperately looking for a companion scorer to K.J. McDaniels.

As happy as I have been with the coaching staff this year, I put this transfer squarely on their shoulders. This is one player that you could not afford to lose as the Tigers continue to struggle to find scorers and players that aren't afraid to pull the trigger. With the recent disappearing act of Damarcus Harrison, the only player that you can really expect to put up numbers in a hurry will have to remain McDaniels. I have been puzzled by the use of Coleman all season and the result should not be a shock to the coaching staff as I'm sure Devin is as confused as we are.

Coleman could single handedly start and stop a run on his own and provided a much needed spark off of the bench. Devin's hot shooting three point hand also made him a zone buster. With the new college basketball rules forcing teams to play more zone defense, you frequently saw Devin running the baseline and drawing the defense away creating open shots both for himself, and for his teammates.

Where Coleman will transfer to is anybody's guess. My thoughts are that he will return to the Philadelphia area. If he is willing to sit out a year, he did receive offers from many of the Philadelphia big five schools including Temple, Saint Joseph's, Drexel and LaSalle. If Coleman is looking to play right away, I could see him as a good fit at the University of Delaware.

"We appreciate Devin's contributions to the program the last two and a half years and wish him nothing but the best in the future," said Coach Brownell, and myself and the rest of the Shakin the Southland staff share his sentiments. However, I am very unhappy with Brad's handling of this whole situation as I see this as a major downgrade and a missed opportunity that the basketball program should NOT have allowed to happen. Lets hear what you all think of the situation.

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