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Question and Answer with MarkRogersTV: Ohio State Discussion (Video)

Mark Rogers of MarkRogersTV joins STS for a Q&A session about the Ohio State Buckeyes. has thousands of college football videos, including interviews with bloggers all across the country. Flipping the script, the moderator becomes the interviewee as we ask him about the Buckeyes.

Jamie Sabau

We thank Mark for taking the time to share with us. Our Q&A video is below. Please forgive my inexperience with the video format. Fortunately, Mark is quite the professional (literally), so I hope you enjoy. The discussion is only 12 minutes long, but feel free to use the time stamps below to jump to your topic of interest.

  • Buckeye Secondary - 0:30
  • Buckeye Defensive Line - 3:25
  • Stopping Braxton Miller - 5:45
  • Mindset and Motivation - 9:30

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