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Know Thy Enemy: Wahooo Edition

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

Blowouts are fantastic, I can sit and not worry. There is no agonizing over each play, rather the simple haze of beer permeating over the group and giving everyone the type of grin that Nick Saban would be proud of. Some people complain about blowouts being boring, these people do not remember the dark moments of football, the moments where everything goes off the rails. No links this week due to some internet filters, but just head over to any of SB Nation's team sites to learn why that specific team sucks or is the greatest gift to college football since the forward pass.

Georgia: 5-3

Well it wasn't pretty, but the WLOCP went to the Bulldogs for the third year in a row. What should have been a matchup between ranked opponents instead resembled something you would usually see at noon on ESPNU. Mr. Gurley was the only good thing about this game as Georgia managed to avoid falling to .500 this season.

SC State: 6-3

As is right and proper, good teams from South Carolina beat their counterparts from Georgia. Yes, I'm looking at you South Carolina.

NC State: 3-5 (0-5)

Apparently you can do worse than TOB, and NC State is doing their best to showcase that ability. The Wolfpack is still defeated in conference play. And their most recent loss was against UNC. For those who don't care about the Coastal, UNC sucks. The only thing that could be worse is losing to Duke, a team that could represent the Coastal in Charlotte. Let that sink in for a few minutes.

Wake Forest: 4-5 (2-4) vs. Syracuse: 4-4 (2-2)

Go Syracuse! You beat Wake Forest! This was not a game the ACC will be putting on the highlight reels anytime soon. A dire 13-0 affair will mainly be remembered for the record liquor sales found around the country. I'm very glad I was too busy to catch this game, and you should be too.

Boston College: 4-4 (2-3)


Ok, I've caught my breath. Virginia Tech, you guys suck. You lost to Duke, frikkin Duke of all teams. And what do you do afterwards? You lose to Boston College. That is not good. This is not the late 2000's when BC actually had a competent quarterback. BC is bad at football, but you go and derp away a chance at getting curbstomped by Florida State.

Florida State: 8-0 (6-0) #2

One of the biggest questions FSU still had to answer was what would happen when Winston had a less than stellar game. Against Miami the Seminoles answered that by thumping a not as good as pollsters thought Miami team. This one was competitive until Miami became Miami, and then we were all left to start rooting for FSU.

Maryland: 5-3 (1-3)

The fighting Turtles took the weekend off to lay some eggs.

Georgia Tech: 6-3 (5-2)

This is the type of game that gives me hope against Georgia Tech. Pitt only lost this one by two scores, and after seeing the Bees run through a few of their opponents it is nice to see them not put skidmarks on one of the ACC's doormats. Both of us have this weekend off to prepare, but time favors us thankfully.

The Citadel: 3-6

The Citadel beat Samford in thrilling fashion. Actually I don't know if it was thrilling fashion, but it was a 2 point win so I'm pretending there was a last second field goal or touchdown to win it.

South Carolina: 7-2 #12

There was a brief moment of hope for Mississippi State in this game, but then it all fell apart quicker than a UGA player's knee. Reality intervened and USC brought out the whipping stick. If USC can beat Florida, our end of season game against them should be the top 10 clash everyone thought it would be to start the season.