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2013 Post-Virginia Sunday Thoughts

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Clemson made it to the second Open Date with only a blemish to Florida State on the record.  While there is nothing wrong (and a lot of right) with this record, it is still a bit disappointing because of the egg we laid against Florida State.  Clemson still has a ton to play for including a trip down to Columbia and the possibility of a really big bowl game.  We get Georgia Tech coming off the bye then host El Cid prior to playing the Gamecocks so ensuring this season is considered a success is very, very attainable.

The Tigers finally got the train moving in the correct direction in the second quarter yesterday.  Clemson again was sluggish opening the game but this week but put the complete package together against the White Meat.  We'll need four quarters worth of that play against an improving GT team and against a Carolina team that has owned us for most of the past half decade.

Speaking of Carolina, hopefully you all watched the end of the first half blooper show yesterday.  Dan Mullen ought to be fired for his stupidity and leading his team to zero points heading into halftime.  Mississippi State is a bad football team and having stupidity in decision making is not helping.  One nice feature, though, was running into Mississippi State fan yesterday evening.  After complaining non-stop about having to listen to those annoying cowbells back in '99, I finally got to the subject I really wanted to discuss...Jackie Sherrill.  Unapologetically, State fan agreed that they'd take Sherrill back and happily deal with whatever crap the NCAA hands down afterwards.  Then they started complaining that State screwed the pooch by not shucking out the cash and getting Scam Pootin to enroll at MSU.  That is the kind of attitude I can get behind.  These people want to win and don't care how they do it.  They saw Auburn and how the greedy NCAA / SEC gave them a complete pass on their blatant cheating.  On that note, they said there would be no better coach to go out and do whatever the hell he wants than Sherrill...I like that attitude, especially if you aren't Bammer or LSU.

As much as Statefan was fixated on Sherrill, they wanted to talk more about Danny Ford.  Obviously, I was fine with that and immediately pointed out that Coach Ford and Sherrill played for the man--Paul Bryant.  These folks' appreciation for Danny Ford almost brought a tear to my eye.  The explanation I got was that they appreciate a coach with a set of balls who doesn't give a shit, so yeah they would like DF.

In the Vista last night I ran into Kenny Miles. Unfortunately, Miles photobombed me with a "4" after I told him I was a Clemson graduate so I won't post the photo.  Obviously my gamecock buddies and Dr. B gave me hell for getting bombed but I will say Kenny was cool as shit.  When I see him again in four years, I'll be bombing his pictures.  Memo to everyone out there, if Stephen Garcia makes his way up to Sakerolina, tell him to contact your Shakin' the Southland buddies.  I'd definitely buy that guy a couple beers just to hear the stories of his time up in Columbia.  Same goes for my man Duane Coleman.  That guy was "beast mode" before there was a beast mode.  Watch as my main man puts his helmet on, bitchslaps Vol player, then has to have Keith Kelly hold him back from completely whipping Vol player's ass. Then Clemson went out and whipped Fat Phil's ass for good measure.


That is about all I have this week.  Clearly, I am happy to get to the Open Week with the lone loss and with 11 regular season wins still a possibility.  I will say that Clemson faces a distinct challenge when Tech rolls into the Upstate.  I sincerely hope this team goes full contact with 1's vs. 1's all this week.  When we get into Tech week, we'll repeatedly tell you that to beat those guys Clemson has to punish the QB.  Anytime he runs or pitches, you hit that quarterback.  Excuse me, not ANYTIME, EVERY TIME the QB takes out, you have to hit him.  That is just defending option football.  The concern is that GT can now throw the ball in addition to running their various veer/midline/option attacks.  Fortunately--and true to the stereotype--they are your typical option team and will turn the football over.  Clemson will need to get those turnovers early to make them throw the football and not manage the game.  Clemson had 90+ snaps yesterday and we want to see that each week we play football.

Today I am obviously watching the Dirty Birds.  They play Scam Pootin (as my girl whodatholly calls him) and the Charlotte Panthers.  I did spend a good bit of time watching Phil play overseas.  I won't lie, I am ready for the golf to fire back up stateside.  This is also the year the Ryder Cup plays out at Gleneagles.  I'll probably try to convince my crew that we need to head over and pull the Americans on to victory.

Everyone enjoy the week off...we'll hit it hard next week as our Tigers can finish strong and leave us with three consecutive 10+ win seasons.