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Know Thy Enemy: Knock Down Edition

Joshua S. Kelly-USA TODAY Sports

It was another strange weekend in college football. As always there is one game that just went HAM, and that was Georgia - Auburn. Everything else was just your garden variety "did that just happen?" type of stuff you see every year.

Georgia: 6-4

As DrB put it, Georgia suffered from the Immaculate Derpflection on Saturday after they fought their way back to lead Auburn. The truth is that Georgia didn't deserve to win this game, Auburn dominated the first half and only their slip ups let Georgia back in this thing. The result was fair, but that was a pretty darn depressing way to lose a game. At least Aaron Murray can be consoled by Kentucky fans, or at least the few fans that remember their loss to LSU way back when.

SC State: 8-3

The Bulldogs got to play in some Thursday night action as well last week. They stomped on the Morgan State Bears 38-3. Somehow they only had 46 yards rushing, but that is FCS I guess.  The Bulldogs are 6-1 in the MEAC which I've decided needs to stand for something. Any ideas?

NC State: 3-7 (0-7) vs. Boston College: 6-4 (3-3)

The world according to NC State continues to be filled with losses. This time the Wolfpack lost to the esteemed Boston College. Yes, BC has turned out to be pretty decent this year, but I'm still going to be making fun of them because it is BC. Plus this is a pretty far fall for a NC State team that should be closer to BC's record than to their current record.

Wake Forest: 4-6 (2-5)

It was bye week for some of the nerds. These guys needed it after losing three straight and coming up against a Duke team that has a trip to Charlotte on the line.

Syracuse: 5-5 (3-3) vs. Florida State 10-0 (8-0) #2

The Seminoles came out and spanked Syracuse around pretty well. Despite all of the chatter around Winston, the freshman did his normal thing and now FSU is 3 games away from being BACK! As for Syracuse, this is continuing to be an as expected season for the Orange. They aren't going to be competing with Clemson or FSU anytime soon, but they outside of those games they are 3-1 in the ACC and 5-3 overall. They should become bowl eligible this week.

Maryland: 6-4 (4-2)

Maryland made sure to continue the Virginia Tech sucks narrative by beating the Hokies in overtime. While VT managed to come back after being down late, the Terrapins closed this one out with a fantastic OT touchdown. Randy Edsall managed to get Maryland to bowl eligibility for the first time in his tenure, and that has taken the heat off of him after the hot seat talk swirled back in August. Oh and for lulz this was Maryland's first win in Blacksburg for a good 40-50 years I believe.

Virginia: 2-8 (0-6)

Mike London took the bye week to begin listing his house and packing his office. I just don't see how he remains at Virginia after this season.

The Citadel: 5-6

The other Bulldogs played a fellow military school in VMI and won with an exciting 31-10 score. For more fun facts, VMI is known as the Keydets. I imagine their mascot is some freshman on punishment detail running around inside of a foam key. Maybe add a military hat on the top for some local color.

USC: 8-2 #11

I do not understand how USC wins some of their football games. Then I remember they are playing teams like Florida. Against any team with a competent offense USC would have lost on Saturday. Heck Clemson's 2010 offense could have beaten USC. Instead Florida showed how Will Muschamp won't be around Gainesville much longer and pretty much gave the Gamecocks the victory.