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Know Thy Enemy: Bye Week Edition

Streeter Lecka

Georgia Tech is one of those games you know is going to be difficult, but you still have to watch. It is the proverbial train barreling down on you and the only question is if you manage to duck out of the way and find out it was just two guys pushing one of those 1980's handcarts, or the Pacific Express going downhill at full speed. We won't know till Thursday night, but until then we look at how Clemson's other opponents have done.

Georgia: 6-3

UGA decided to play their crap school late in the year game a bit early. They took Appalachian State out behind the dog pound and whipped them fairly convincingly. Though no one expected the former FCS champs to win, the 45-6 loss shows just how far the school has fallen after upsetting Michigan back in 2007.

SC State: 7-3

The Bulldogs continued to do good things in FCS as they beat up on Florida A&M. Yet another Florida team that is better than Miami

NC State: 3-6 (0-6)

The Wolfpack continued to freefall this season. Duke is actually a competent football team, but the way they played against NC State just has to turn heads.The Wolfpack hung close with Duke until the 4th quarter where the Blue Devils put on their best Alabama impression.

Wake Forest: 4-6 (2-5) vs. Florida State: 9-0 (7-0) #2

Yea, this one went about as well as you expected. With this win FSU clinched another trip to Charlotte, and solidified their hold on a trip to Pasadena to try and beat Alabama.

Syracuse: 5-4 (3-2) vs. Maryland: 5-4 (1-4)

I'd like to tell glorious stories about this game. Tales describing two fantastic teams giving it their all on the football field. Sadly I can not tell you that story. Instead all I can do is describe a game between two apathetic teams fighting for the right to go to Charlotte in late December. Who really wants to go to Charlotte in late December? Not even folks from Charlotte want to do that.

Boston College: 5-4 (2-3)

Oh BC, you continue to amuse me. Let's count the ways. First they traveled TO New Mexico State. They did not host them, they actually flew out to New Mexico to play them. Second, they gave up over 300 yards of offense to a team that is now 1-9. Yes, BC hasn't always looked great this year, but I'd like to think they can beat crap FBS schools that can only scrape a win or two together for the entire season. Silly me, I should know better.

Virginia: 2-8 (0-8)

Oh Virginia, it just sucks to be y'all. The Cavs were manhandled by a poor UNC side 45-14. There was a brief moment in the third quarter where Virginia had some signs of life, but Virginia did their best FSU impression and failed when they needed to win. Despite the backing from Virginia's administration, Mike London has to be on his way out after this season

Georgia Tech: 6-3 (5-2)

Like us, the Yellow Jackets had the weekend off to prepare for a Thursday night trip to Death Valley.

The Citadel: 4-6

The Citadel beat Elon guys! Fantastic news, I can not explain how excited I am by this!

South Carolina: 7-2 #12

Spurrier got a chance to spend the weekend laughing at his alma mater losing to Vanderbilt. Now he gets a chance to take them on and beat them. Go Gators.