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2013 Second Open Date Sunday Thoughts

Kevin C. Cox

The older I get, the more I appreciate the OPEN week.  Yesterday was a great example as I was able to sit around and enjoy a Saturday without the anxiety that goes with watching Clemson football-though the past couple years have been much easier on the nerves than the previous 20 seasons.  So, what did we learn over the past couple days?

1.       Florida State is the real deal.  If you weren't on the boat before, you were driving that ship after the 35 point first quarter explosion yesterday.  The bandwagon got a little heavier after the last "U" bandwagon fan jumped onto the FSU football train-he is still a diehard Duke basketball fan, though.

2.       Ha Ha Oregon.  You don't suck but definitely can't hang with a team that will dominate up front.

3.       Stanford looks like a man's team...Alabama Jr.  I would cry if Clemson ever dominated up front the way Stanford/Bama does.  That is impressive.

4.       How ‘bout the Tide?  Roll Tide Roll.  Bama is clearly the cream of the crop.  Only complaint is that they don't/won't play that sorry ass Ohio State team so they could completely embarrass them.  Tide would teach them how to play retrospect, probably was a strategic move for Urban to get out of Saban's conference.

5.       Everyone should be happy that Oregon won because Fresneck also won.  Best chance Clemson goes to BCS is if both the Tigers and FSU win out with FSU playing ‘Bama for the MNC.  I was really hoping Clemson would find a way to get into down to New Orleans, but that won't happen because (A) Florida State is that good and (B) Fresneck is flat out going to ruin the system.

Now, back to Clemson.  The Tigers have their last ACC game Thursday and we all know the trouble Clemson gets itself into playing Georgia Tech.  Tech is a concern every year.  We've historically had issues getting their offense off the field and allowing the Jackets to convert 3rd and 4th downs over and over again to dominate time of possession and beat Clemson.  Unfortunately, Georgia Tech can actually execute a forward pass this season.  I am definitely not saying that this is mid-90's Nebraska but I will admit that this is one I always have heartburn over.  With so much on the line and Clemson needing to run the table, a solid effort against a mediocre team Thursday night would be awesome.

As you well know, my Falcons are done.  Yes, as I was readily reminded last week, the Charlotte Panthers are a much better team this year.  That pains me to say because (A) I pull for Atlanta (B) I pull against the Charlotte Panthers (C) I don't particularly care for Scam Pootin-as my girl whodatholly would say.  Falcons host the Seahawks in the Georgia Dome.  Seattle is beatable away from home.  Charlotte heads out to San Francisco.  The Panthers have looked very good the last four weeks.  We'll see what they have today and if they can press the Saints for the division.  The Saints host Dallas tonight.  HOW BOUT DEM COWBOYS!!  ‘Merica's Team!!  Well, I normally don't pull for the Cowboys but will tonight.  It must just suck being a Cowboys fan.  They build their fans up only to break their hearts with a ridiculous Week 17 Romo interception or fumble that keeps them from making the playoffs (or have Romo botch a hold to keep them from moving on in the playoffs).  They lose games they should win and win games that no one gives them a chance to win.  It is Americas Crackwagon and Cowboy fan is the most bipolar there is in America.  One week the Boys are taking over the world, the next Cowboyfan will swear they won't ever win another game in the history of football...ever...then the next week the Boys are back on track to win the next three Super Bowls.  Cowboyfan is also UNC basketball and FSU/Miami football fan and has a tough decision to make each July if he/she will pull for the BoSocks or the Yankees that fall.  And Cowboyfan, don't get too pissed off.  Tonight is a big enough game and New Orleans is a good enough team that if I was in Vegas tonight, I'd probably make a moneyline bet with the Boys.

NECKCAR intentionally bent the rules to help Jeff Gordon get into their made up playoff so I am still mad.  I wish they'd realize that they are pissing off the core fanbase and probably won't be able to get those people back.  I always get skewered for this but the Chase sucks and the fact that NASCAR chooses who they allow in is ridiculous.  Jeff Gordon won't make it...not good for ratings, let's adjust the rules to ensure the 24 is in.  No, it is nothing close to the FedEx Cup.  First and foremost, golf is a sport where the players choose whether to play or not.  Second, major championships and the Players Championship are much more prestigious than anything in the FedEx Cup.  As is playing for the Ryder Cup.  The PGA Tour doesn't massage the results to ensure their favorite player is included.  NASCAR bends and changes the rules as they see fit.  If they don't want teammates to help teammates, allow only one entry per owner.  Don't change the rules and mess with drivers in the middle of the season.  Their stupidity cost Michael Waltrip Racing a sponsor.  Mikey is one of the guys who makes people love the sport.  Thanks for screwing him and giving the 24 a free ride.  The Chase should be called the Laughing Chase.

Back to college football, I was very happy to see Notre Dame lose yesterday to a very bad Pitt team.  The Irish get preferential treatment and their fanbase (outside of Indiana) resembles that of the Dallas Cowboy bandwagon as described earlier.  Nothing like the Irish playing a very bland schedule well (see last season) and the media eats that crap up.  ND had no business being on the same field as Bama last January much like they have no business even sniffing the Top 25.  The B1G schedule they play (much like OH-IO) is a joke.  I am not screaming ACC, but will say that Clemson plays Jawja and SC, FSU plays UF.  Notre Dame skirts the only legit team in the B1G.  Ohio State plays a modified Big East schedule minus the joke of a program that is Syracuse-and yes, Clemson blew the doors off of that stupidity of an ACC football addition.

We haven't had a Panic Attack recently and the Fox is big on this one, so we'll roll with Pigeons