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Clemson @ Syracuse Pregame Goodies / Open Thread

Joshua S. Kelly-USA TODAY Sports

Today definitely doesn't have the marquee football games that other weeks have but any football Saturday is a good one. We posted the week's television schedule earlier (found here) along with some links back to articles featured on the mothership regarding today's games. Thursday we saw Mack Brown keep his job for another week due to a questionable call there at the end. We all realize that without some sort of miracle, he is probably gone at the end of this season.

Personally, I am very interested in the noon Florida Sate / UMd game for obvious reasons. Georgia should beat the snot out of Tennessee. Clemson obviously tees it up at 3:30 and Georgia Tech rolls down to Miami at the same time. I am watching Oklahoma just because they could slide into the national discussion very quickly...especially with Texas down and no team left on their schedule ranked inside the Top 15. Ohio State / Northwestern is the feature game on ABC tonight. Otherwise, LSU travels to the land of Cow Bells, Notre Dame rolls to Dallas to play Arizona State (as always, I pull against the Irish out of principle), and Carolina plays Kentucky on ESPN3.

Outside of football, there is President's Cup action as the teams will attempt to finish Friday's matches then get back on schedule later on in the day. The US leads by a point now in some excellent golf action. Hopefully, the Americans can keep it going and get some redemption for last year's Ryder Cup debacle.

Loud music featuring Pete Townshend, Roger Daltrey, John Entwhistle, and Keith Moon below. This is followed by a segment featuring two of the craziest personalities in wrestling history--The Ultimate Warrior and The Macho Man Randy Savage--then incorporates Curt Hennig and Slick Ric. As always, use this post as an open thread until the official game thread pops up this afternoon. Enjoy your Saturday.