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Clemson Releases Facility Renderings

Note that these are pre-concept approvals, not the finished renderings.

The first on deck is the Tiger Field renovation and expansion behind the 1st base side of the stadium, which we've already discussed before. The plans appear unchanged from what has been displayed previously. It will go forward following this coming season and will include new construction primarily to add suites and offices along with player facilities.

The project is an addition to the Doug Kingsmore Baseball Stadium on the campus of Clemson University. The addition is envisioned to be a three-level facility with player amenities located adjacent to the current locker room area on the Stadium's north side directly behind the first base stands. Included in the facility will be locker rooms, a lobby, team areas, training rooms, a player's dining area, meeting space, a gallery, catering kitchen, laundry, coaches offices, and a player's lounge.

The facility will be integrated into the existing first baseline spectators stands and will add a viewing platform at the highest level. The project will also move both the home team and visitor's dugouts closer to the first and third baselines and add approximately 150 seats to the stadium.

Next will be the beginning of Phase III of the WEZ, including the Oculus, a letterwinner lounge on the corner of the stadium, and Suite renovations. The basketball arena reconstruction plans shown in the player below are really only rough drafts, but I'm very happy they'll move the students to prime seating courtside.

The only things I'd call "new" mentioned in the video that I hadn't heard of before is that they may move Vickery Hall ops over to the new student center next to the smokestacks, but something tells me they'll still do much of it at Vickery until or unless theres a football-only dorm built. Most players are on the other side of the campus.

Also, the plans for McFadden likely being replaced by the Museum is something I had not heard yet.