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Know Thy Enemy: Pear-Shaped Edition

Tyler Smith

So no need to talk about the weekend, time to just move on and take a look at Clemson's opponents. It was not a banner day for anyone on Clemson's schedule really.

Georgia: 4-3 #15

Oh dear Georgia, how you have fallen from the high point of beating South Carolina early in the season. A rash of injuries did nothing to help the Bulldogs as they lost to Vanderbilt for the Commodores first SEC win of the season. They joke about Coach Richt losing control of things, but it appears like this season is all but a lost cause at this point.

SC State: 5-2

The Bulldogs had the week off to lick themselves clean.

NC State: 3-3 (0-3)

The Wolfpack got to watch us derp it up against FSU, and now they get to take part in 17-16 pt. 2. The resulting anger and disbelief would be second to none.

Syracuse: 3-4 (1-2) vs. Georgia Tech: 4-3 (3-2)

So um, Syracuse, let's have a talk. You aren't supposed to lose to Georgia Tech by 50 plus points. That's what AAC teams do. I understand it is difficult for you. Y'all see teams like Missouri and Texas A&M having early success in their conference, but you are here pissing away games to teams that run these novel offenses. This is a real conference and you'll have to earn it.

Wake Forest: 4-3 (2-2) vs. Maryland: 5-2 (1-2)

So i guess Wake Forest is not bad at the whole college football thing. After appearing to be nothing more than a doormat, the Deacs decided to show their talents against Maryland. In fairness to the Terps, the injury bug has hit them once again. From their opening day depth chart, Maryland had lost 11 starters and 3 key backups at one point during the 4th quarter of their loss this weekend. Two of Maryland's players are out for the season after suffering broken legs on Saturday. Clemson should handle this one easily even if they have to deal with the aftermath of FSU.

Boston College: 3-3 (1-2)

BC took the weekend off to cry after they realized they should have beaten us.

Virginia: 2-5 (0-3)

The end of the Mike London era is coming sooner rather than later. Duke continued to be the bogeyman for UVA, and what started out as a promising head coaching stint several years ago is coming to a screeching halt like the guy in the cartoons who is catapulted into the mountain. UVA might not win a single conference game, and despite all the talk the administration would have to let him go.

The Citadel: 2-5

The Citadel was busy hazing the freshmen on the football team as they enjoyed a bye week.

South Carolina: 5-2 #21

Misery loves company, and the state of South Carolina got in in bunches on Saturday. Steve Spurrier did his best Les Miles impression and decided to call two consecutive timeouts on a 4th down to try and get the Vols to jump offsides. Of course Tennessee then went down the field and kicked a game-winning field goal. Note to Chad Morris, USCe plays like shit when you run the ball down their throats. Do that this time around please.