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Of course the one game I miss part of, Clemson decides to make it interesting. Nothing is worse than having to follow a game on your phone and not being able to know why things are going downhill. Like Clemson, a lot of the teams on the schedule also played like crap. The pundits have already begun to proclaim Saturday upset weekend, but I have a feeling it is just the start of what should be some crazy results over the next few Saturdays.

Georgia: 4-2 #15

Um Georgia, the goal is to win games, not look hopeless, tease fans with your competence, and then fail to win even after Missouri's QB leaves the game with what appears to be a season ending injury. As much as I hate Georgia, I take no joy in a loss like this. Please lose to competent teams and not a team I have had to hear about every hour all day today. I don't like hearing about Mizzou.

SC State: 5-2

The Buulldogs beat NC Central Thursday night to the tune of 44-3. I have no idea who NC Central is, but I'm guessing they aren't good.

NC State: 3-3 (0-3) vs. Syracuse: 3-3 (1-1)

So NC State appears to continue their slide towards incompetence. The Wolfpack followed up their loss to Wake Forest by getting Orange'd to death. Syracuse wasn't even good in this game, the Hunt for Heisman campaign continued on its way with a sparkling 74 yards passing with no touchdowns. These are the types of games that get you to New York City folks, for the Pinstripe Bowl.

Wake Forest: 3-3 (1-2)

The small school that doesn't win anything did manage to claim a victory over the bye week. It is always good to get those free victories before moving on to bigger and better competition

Florida State: 5-0 (3-0) #5

The Seminoles spent their bye week by making and giving Winston a mirror that tells him he's the fairest QB in all the land.

Maryland: 5-1 (1-1) vs. Virginia: 2-4 (0-2)

This was a thriller of a game that finished 27-26 in favor of the Fightin' Turtles. The stats would indicate there was competent passing by both teams, but finishing with completion percentages just north of 50% isn't anything to write home about, even Tebow can do that. For Maryland it was a good way to get back to things after getting demolished by Florida State, but this should be another game Clemson will have no excuse to drop in 2 weeks.

Georgia Tech: 3-3 (2-2)

Apparently Swofford should have invited BYU to the ACC. The Sober Mormons have now beaten two ACC teams, Virginia and Georgia Tech. Thankfully for the Yellow Jackets this game doesn't count in the ACC standings, but it does make the VT-Miami game a likely candidate for "winner goes to Charlotte until the NCAA levies punishment" game in the Coastal Division

The Citadel: 2-5

Citadel lost to Georgia Southern in fantastic fashion this weekend. And by that I mean they lost in the 4th quarter with a 1 point lead. Go military folks.

South Carolina: 5-1 #11

South Carolina absolutely slaughtered the Razorbacks on Saturday. It was a bit of a surprise that it was this bad, Arkansas' DL actually has some players. They didn't show up though. There was a moment that Arkansas had a chance, but it was snuffed out as quickly as Clowney is. Also in case you missed it, ESPN continued to be a giant group of morons after saying Clowney didn't travel by team bus to the stadium, despite several reports saying he did. The WWL finally apologized on Game Day,