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Well Done

Bring on the Noles.

Tyler Smith

Great game by the Tigers today. We showed a professional level of focus. Vic Beastly displayed game changing status. Tajh filled his shoes.

Kudos to BC and their coaching staff. The Eagles are on the upswing. They played an extremely physical brand of football on the gridiron today. #19 Sean Sylvia delivered what might be the hit of the game on McDowell going for the first down.

We saw some good things in the running game this afternoon. McDowell stepped up when the time came for him to step up. Big runs for small gains are a massive part of the job description. Zac Brooks had some good runs as well. YAC yesterday was what we need to be seeing. The ball control is obviously a blemish on both performances but both did a good job of moving the ball forward from the point of contact. Keep in mind that the QB has primary responsibility for the mesh point, particularly on read options.

A running back delivering the blow behind his shoulder pads is as valuable as accuracy is in a quarterback. Our backs can certainly improve upon it as there were a few plays where we were a little high at the point of physicality and the ball went backwards. McDowell has learned to lower his pads but the others have not quite got it. We must deliver the boom each and every play against FSU.

FSU is next week. It's time to get pumped. Get up. We've got a monstrous game in the heart of the season in T minus 7 days. The Noles are playing like the days of Neon Deon.

A worthy adversary is now upon us. It's time to look ahead.