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GameThread: Boston College @ Clemson

Judging from what I've seen on BC, they look like a team that's adjusting to a new coaching staff. They're up and down every week, but they are getting better as a team. Realistically I think they are another year, maybe 2, from being serious competition. Of course that depends on whether Addazio can keep up the recruiting.

BC will score today. Rettig has given us problems in the past and he will look to hit Alex Amidon over and over over the middle, where I'd test Jenkins and our safeties all day if I were an opposing OC. If we bracket cover him we may slow him down, but he's a pretty good player. Their RB is pretty damn good, and if he has holes we'll need those safeties to fill gaps.

BC's defense has a few good players and they have always been pretty well-coached, but I don't think they have the horses to defend Clemson's offense and we should roll them. I just think it'll be closer than we'd like it to be.