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Pre-BC Goodies / Open Thread

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

Clemson hosts BC today. The goal is to set up a monster game next week in prime time against the Seminoles. We gave out this week's television schedule earlier in the week, so feel free to comment on any of those games. Otherwise, you get your typical stuff below.

I think it is pretty funny that Gameday will have Lane Kiffin on television this morning. Noon is the Red River Shootout/Carolina at Arky/Georgia hosting Mizzu. 3:30 is the Clemson game along with Florida heading to the bayou. Can't say that i am overly excited about tonight's games...Tech rolls out to BYU and aTm goes to Ole Miss. I have no clue what to think of the Clowney situation down in Columbia. The media is making more of a deal out of this than it deserves but he has clearly pissed of the Ball Coach. Apparently he will play "if he wants to" but won't start this afternoon. South Carolina needs him against Arkansas today and when they play Missouri later on this year. We'll be following this item as Clowney's presence will impact Clemson around Thanksgiving. Everybody enjoy your football Saturday and hopefully we'll be talking big things tomorrow morning.


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