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Q&A with BC Interruption

Mark L. Baer-USA TODAY Sports

BC Interruption was kind enough to answer a few of our questions this week.  I don't know about you all, but BC is one of the teams in the conference that I'm least familiar with.  With a whole new coaching staff comes whole sale changes.  It's nice to be able to turn to the guys that really know this team to get the inside scoop on how Addazio has changed the culture, what's cause Andre Williams to burst on to the scene, and their expectations going forward.  Without for ado, here you go.

STS: Since BC has a new head coach this year, I'd like to start there.  I know some of it may not be quantifiable, but can you tell a difference in how the team has reacted to Coach Addazio's addition versus the lifeless teams that Coach Spaz put out on the field last year?  Also, for a fanbase that had been beaten down by Coach Spaz, has the perception of the program changed with Coach Addazio?  What are the expectations going forward?
BCI: There are both visible and non-tangible differences between Coach Addazio this year and in years past. He has unified the team first off, they are the "dudes", and there attitude is not the sad sack defeatism we saw under Frank Spaziani, but of a group of gritty tough guys that never give up. In terms of visible differences there are a lot of changes. First off Addazio is a much more energetic coach, he's the first person in the huddle to yell at someone, give them a high five or help an injured player off the field. And it's clear the players are feeding off of that.

In terms of expectations, BC fans want to see two things this year. One we want BC to be bowl eligible. They already have 3 wins, and there are at least three more wins out there for this crew. Secondly, we want to see Addazio bring in a killer recruiting class. Spaziani was pathetic on the recruiting trail, quitting on a prospect as soon as an FBS team offered. Addazio isn't like that at all. He's aggressive, he knows how to sell the school, and most importantly he knows how to close on a recruit.

STS: Andre Williams has been running wild on everyone this year, except for Southern Cal.  In the past I'd always though of him as a capable back that runs hard, but never imagined him turning into what he has this year.  What has been the difference between this year and years past?
BCI: There have been a few differences this year for Andre Williams. One, he put on about 20 pounds of muscle this offseason, which made a once tough back an even bigger bruiser. Secondly he's been able to stay healthy, something that has been a big knock on him the past few seasons. Also he's not as timid when he attacks the line of scrimmage, he used to try and bounce around and would get popped after a short gain. This isn't the case anymore. Now you are seeing a confident back who attacks the hole with good field vision. Finally, the line play has been much improved. That makes a big difference.
STS: Clemson's front 4 has been terrific all year.  Is this your typical smash mouth, hard-nosed BC offensive line?  How do you see them faring against a deep and talented front 4 like the one that Clemson presents?
BCI: BC's offensive line has played extremely well this year, especially if you watch the FSU game. I would say that typically BC has had a good offensive line, but in the past three years that hasn't been the case. Chase Rettig was knocked on his butt on almost every play last season, and the run game couldn't find any openings. This year new offensive line coach Justin Frye has done a good to great job getting this line in order. The offensive line has been dynamite blocking, especially on the run, and have not allowed lesser lines like Army to take them to task. However, BC struggled against USC. So honestly I have no idea what BC offensive line we will see, the one that did well against FSU or the one that got dominated by the Trojans.

STS: I can envision Clemson vying to get the running game going this week a bit more than normal with the FSU game on the horizon.  The OL has struggled to consistently open holes or get a push this year.  Tell us a bit about BC's front 7 and how you think they match up against Clemson's OL.
BCI: BC's defensive line has been a mixed bag this year, but certainly an improvement over last year. Defensive Coordinator Don Brown has been much more aggressive this year then the defenses in years past. The results have been overall pretty solid. BC gets some pressure on QB's, but also makes more errors and gets hit for bigger plays. Kasim Edebali and Kaleb Ramsey are probably the names you will want to look for on Saturday, as they have been the predominant pass rusher. The linebackers are pretty good as well, led by Kevin Pierre-Louis who has become the All-ACC linebacker we thought he could be. He flies around the field making plays, and can be disruptive as well. However, as good as they have looked, they did get swallowed up against USC, and after the first quarter against Florida State. I expect that to happen again on Saturday.
STS: Clemson is 24-26 point favorites (depending on the sportsbook).  Is this line too high or too low in your opinion?  How do you see this game playing out and what's your prediction on the final score?
BCI: Just like you said in our preview, I think it is just about right. I respect Clemson's defense, but I think BC will have a few scoring drives that will keep this from being an all and out blowout. I have Clemson winning this one in a high scoring affair 52-28.