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Tajh Boyd To Return For Senior Season

Kevin C. Cox

Tajh Boyd announced that he will return for his senior season during a press conference in Clemson. While not a huge shock, his return will help solidify an offense that is already losing leading rusher Andre Ellington, and seems like to lose receiver Deandre Hopkins to the NFL.

Boyd has said all along that he would evaluate his options after the season, including taking his NFL evaluation into account. For those new to the process, underclassmen can request an evaluation from an NFL review board and get feedback on where they could expect to go in the draft. Reports today suggest that Boyd would be looking at going in the 3rd round if he left school early

As we have said on STS, Boyd staying is not only a good move for Clemson, but also Boyd's development. The soon to be senior still has some areas of his game to work on such as going through his progression and avoiding staring down receivers. It is very rare that a QB should leave school before 4 years are up, and Tajh is no exception.

With this news we can now all go back to hoping that someone convinces DeAndre Hopkins to return for a final season. There is no doubt a decision to return would make Clemson the early favorite for the 2013 ACC title. Hopkins would also cement his status at Clemson similar to how C.J. Spiller did when he returned.