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OLB Lateek Townsend to Transfer

Rising Junior LB Lateek Townsend has decided to transfer away, he has not used a RS season and could spend that in transferring with 2 to play.

Even early in his recruiting process, the Marlboro County standout was discussed as being a reckless player. Not one with discipline in his assignments. He was allowed back then to just blitz and i was even told at one point that he ignored his coaches and just freewheeled it on the field. He was simply so much faster than everyone else that he created havoc. This is why, when he signed, we commented on him needing a RS season at Clemson to learn the Steele scheme and become a more refined player.

As it turned out, a NCAA recruitiing violation caused him to be suspended for 4 games. We kept it hushed at the time, and waited for Clemson to release it with the annual release of secondary violations. The suspension would not have counted if he also redshirted, and would carry over to his first season playing games. So if he had RS'd two years ago, he would've been suspended the first 4 games of this year anyway.

Instead, Dabo played him on Special Teams last year and this season, while saying that he would be an asset if he could be pointed in the right direction. Lateek never truly learned his playbook, so never managed to break through at SAM despite lackluster play from those ahead of him. I question why, in some no-brainer passing situations, we didn't just throw him in to blitz and get him a few snaps. I still question why he was not redshirted two years ago since he barely played any snaps from scrimmage.

Neither Steele nor Venables did so, and the bulk of the blame, if there is any, should go to Lateek in this case. You have to study your playbook and learn your assignments. I was repeatedly told that he was doing neither and his recklessness scared the defensive staff. In the right system, Lateek could be an asset. On an already bad defense, he could be a horror story on the edge. I assume he got tired of waiting, and we all know he was hinting on twitter that he wanted out of here in his first season. Kid is just strange.

In any event, two former 4-star recruits are gone this week. There will be more attrition this offseason as there always is.