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ACC Releases 2013 Football Opponents: Clemson Doesn't Get Hosed


Earlier today the ACC released the full list of opponents for each ACC school for the 2013 college football season. With all of the talk about Clemson's potential in 2013, this can only add to the hype.

The Tigers will host Boston College, Florida State, Wake Forest, and Georgia Tech at home. Clemson will also travel to face Maryland, NC State, Virginia, and ACC newcomer Syracuse. As everyone will note, we get a chance to host Georgia Tech for back-to-back seasons. This happened in part because the ACC started from scratch with this years scheduling model. With Syracuse and Pittsburgh joining the conference, the ACC decided to start from scratch rather than try to plug new schools into an old formula.

In addition, Clemson will be hosting Georgia, SC State, and The Citadel. Of course we will be headed to Columbia to cap off what should be a great season with a win against the Coots. Although ACC dates are not set, We know the first two games of the season will be Georgia and SC State, and Clemson wisely scheduled The Citadel the week before the USCe game.

While the final say on the schedule can't be had until dates are released, the early impression is good for Clemson. I would rather have home games against Georgia Tech and FSU in the same season, especially when it matches up with travelling to USC. Assuming this model is used going forward, it will also give us an even split once Louisville joins the conference. Basically our 4 biggest games would be evenly split between 2 home and 2 away each year, not any new out of conference games we schedule. The full schedule should be out at some point in February, and then we can hear FSU fans complaining about something or other. Of course with Swofford I wouldn't put it past him to screw us over one way or another.