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SBNation Week 1 BlogPoll Ballot

Not a big change from my preseason ballot.

My rationale changes from where I think teams finish to what they have earned as the season goes forward, but right now its mostly where they should end up based on what I've seen.

I think everyone here knows I will not buy into the Chicken overhype until I see them earn it. They have a faster Proctor at QB and a RB that is not 100%, with a secondary that I do not think is special, so until they show me something against a good team (despite what they tell us, I do not regard Vandy as a great team - well coached yes, great no). I will not be moving them.

Obviously the 3 top teams are still LSU, Bama, and USC. I watched all three play over the weekend, and right now Bama is the best of the 3. LSU has some more raw talent at skill spots, and USC has even more than that on offense, but I'm still going with defense. Oregon, WVU, and FSU were all downright nasty in week 1, and they'll end up in the Top 10 somewhere.

What does Bill Snyder do? win football games. Wisconsin has a cupcake schedule but they should do much better than what they showed against UNI or I'm dropping them. I watched OU, and their offense was atrocious against UTEP.

I just dont know about Ohio State. Urban has won immediately everywhere he's been, and he has the talent to win 8 or 9 easy in the Big Ten. Rank worthy? not sure, but they played like it Saturday for sure.

I did not have Michigan ranked terribly high in my preseason ballot, but they looked awful against Alabama. They are better than they looked, but not sure how much better.

Below SC, its a crap shoot. Tennessee looked good, and I think GT is going to be good enough to end up in this range.