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Gamethread: Clemson @ Boston College

This game is setting up to be a perfect storm. The team is coming off an emotional loss and faces an opponent who perennially plays us very tough at the LOS. I would say the reason why they give us those fits is entirely because they have whipped us at the lines.

With Sammy out, and several others starting to catch this stomach bug, in addition to the losses of Bryant and our 6th lineman to injury, we could have a typical Clemson @ BC performance where we stink it up. Personally I think that BC just doesnt have enough to stop us on defense, though I respect those LBs. If Clemson decides to run the ball and win the LOS, we should win it.

But I would be a little shocked if we won by more than 10. Our defense made their 4th string RB look like H. Walker last year and we're not better this year.