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Hello There

An Introduction by STS's newest writer.

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Hey everyone, hope your are making yourself comfortable in the new digs here at STS. In honor of this tremendous occasion I've been given the opportunity to join the fine staff of STS as a writer for all things Clemson. My name is Brian, or Brian_Goodison as I go by on here and Twitter.

A bit of the bland news no one cares about, I graduated from Clemson in 2011 after arriving from Pittsburgh, PA. yes that's right, I'm one of those Damn Yankees that came to visit and decided to stay. That said, I had a solid grounding in college football from several years in Louisiana rooting for LSU.

The deciding factor to come to Clemson was when I decided that Clemson had a , "proper SEC-sized" stadium. Of course I naively assumed this meant Clemson had a football team to match this lofty stadium. Then I watched Clemson play Alabama in 2008 and was quickly brought to reality.

For those of you who may be worried, don't be, I plan to continue on in the fine tradition of STS by telling things like they are and not sugar coating it. I like my football teams to have some cajones, play real defense that involves knocking folks on their ass, and goals should include national titles, not conference championship appearances.

As for what I will cover, it will be a little bit of this and that. I'm no expert in the intricacies of pass blocking like DrB, or recruiting like QuackingTiger, but I will make sure to provide articles that have as much information as possible.

Thanks for having me and I'll try to make sure my Yankee ways don't rub off on you guys too much.