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Things to Come...

We mentioned last week that a site redesign was coming soon. This will be a rebranding of the entire network and it will look completely different from the pages youre used to seeing. The relaunch is termed "United" by the computer geeks and it'll look more like the STS site is integrated into a larger network.

Some things that necessitate and effects of the redesign:

- page load times should be faster

- Fanposts and fanshots are relocated on the pages, but they are remaining essentially the same as now.

- mobile usage, which accounts for an ever-increasing amount of the daily visits, will be easier and should load faster and look a lot like what you see on the computer screen.

- Clutter is reduced, but some things are going to disappear

- My usage with the beta site shows it will look different in Firefox, Chrome, and IE9 compared to IE8

There will be many additional changes when this new platform is launched, however. Click through to read about them, so you aren't caught unawares.

The top part of the page will be called the Cover, and showcases the major stories of the week, like the cover of a magazine. The rest of the page will remain in reverse chronological order as it is now, but some of the things on the sidebars will vanish.

These things should be coming very soon, and bear with us while we work out some kinks in designing the site again with the new interface.