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SBN BlogPoll Ballot Week 4

At the top, I moved FSU to 2nd because they have the best win between the 3 teams that are behind Alabama. I still only think FSU and LSU can even touch Bama. Oregon shut out Arizona last night because Zona stunk it up every time they got close enough to score. LSU, whose game I watched on replay, kept getting careless with the ball and careless in general against Auburn and it kept them from putting 50 on the Plainsmen like they should have.

As always, I do not really penalize teams for losing to those ahead of them in the polls. The higher ranked team should win. I'll drop them based on what I see when they play but I don't hammer someone 10 spots for losing to a team they were picked to lose to. I had KState at 9 and OU at 7, and so I flipped them. Michigan lost to ND close and in an ugly game, but I already had ND above them, so they really werent penalized. Texas benefits because I think Ohio State has dorked around the last few weekends, and then we lost.

Clemson really doesnt deserve to be in the Top 10 with this defense, but I don't think anyone below 14-15 can beat us, and we lost to the #4 team. That the media polls dropped us to 17 seems unfair but I can't really blame them as bad as our defense played.