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SBN BlogPoll Ballot, Week 3

Well Alabama beat a quality team and it was a complete murder, and LSU decided to take it easy on Idaho for a good chunk of the first half, so I swapped them back.

Inside the top 10, we're getting to the point where early season resume needs to be considered. Some teams have played nobodies and some have beat a quality team. I moved Stanford up because they smash-mouthed USC into the dirt. That is a damn good football team, and amazingly well-coached. They really don't have the talent of USC, and yet they have owned them the last 4 years. Their speed deficit will show against Oregon, and their youth at QB will bite them at some point this year, but they deserve to be in the Top 10 right now.

Florida and ND moved ahead of us simply because of the teams they've beaten thus far. Florida smothered A&M and did the same to Dooley at home. They are both better than what we have played. ND has some issues with that offense and its not better than Clemson's but their defense is, and they beat a good Michigan State team, again better than what we've played.

I'd probably have us in the Top 10 if we had a defense. If we beat FSU we will deserve it, but I'm not moving Clemson inside the Top 10 until we beat somebody or play defense.

The rest of the 25 is adjusted only as necessary. Virginia Tech just had their WTF game, which means they'll probably win 11 straight and everyone will think they're fine.