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Gamethread: Furman vs. Clemson

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Jim's last game was the September 2003 Furman contest, he passed a few days later. We won't see another one like him.

Clemson should win this game handily, on that we all agree. We just hope to see better play at the LOS on both sides. We'd like to see Clemson's OL take control and dominate a lesser opponent for 60 minutes.

We're also looking for the DL to play sound fundamentally. We need to stay in our gaps. They have to stay low and use their hands to get off blocks and not get reached. They need to keep their hips more square to the line. If they can do that, the LBs will just need to play smart but remain aggressive.

I'm also expecting to see some youngsters get snaps here. If guys like Tony Steward and Lateek Townsend, whether mature enough, or ready to play or not, don't get snaps in these games, then you aren't going to see enough of them going forward to justify not redshirting.