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Pre-Clemson/Auburn Gamethread

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Football season has arrived. Here is the ESPN link to all games. Use this thread as a place to talk about the early games (we'll put the Clemson game thread up as our game gets closer). I'll go ahead and give a shout out to the "Atlanta Arm" of the crew, the Big Time Big Dogs. It is my understanding these folks will be running the streets of ATL all day and all night, looking forward to Clemson's game tonight. If you are at the dome tonight and see a bunch of yahoos stand up and walk out immediately after the "Last call for booze" is proclaimed over the loud speakers, it is probably the Big Time Big Dogs. Give them a shoutout, then cover your kids' eyes and ears.

Let us know who you're pulling for, what games and spreads are good bets, and what you are seeing in the early games. Hell, talk about the Carolina game from Thursday or the NC State debacle last night. We'll get this thing going and, if you guys see benefit from it, will look into doing more of these threads for games that don't involve our Tigers.

Another decision I am trying to make is whether to roll to Tallahassee or not. Roll call for the trip. If you haven't been there before, you should go. If you have, you know it is a shit show (well at least it was when I went in 2000). It was an out of control fun place. The walk from downtown to the stadium was lined with nothing but kegs and people raising hell at house parties. At the stadium, there were people juggling fire. It was unique but a lot of fun (well, until Weinke, pulled off a great play action fake--after that it was downhill for our Tigers).

Final thought before you get the gameday dose of Motley and Slick Ric...Notre Dame is on the set this morning. I wish Navy would clean their clock. I cannot stand Notre Dame nor their preferential treatment as a mediocre football team. The fans they've shown so far are also some of the ugliest sons of bitches you'll ever see. You see what happened when we whipped their ass on Senior Day...they refuse to play us since. Roll Tide tonight and let's all enjoy a day of football.

And now Slick Ric: