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Sunday Thoughts--It's Football Season! (Kind of)

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First off, congrats to Mike Phelps, but who isn't sick and damn tired of seeing his mom acting a fool in the stands? Yes, your son is ridiculously good. No, I don't want to see you acting like a 50 year old moron. Your son won a shit ton of medals the Bear would say, "Act like you've been there before" Your son doesn't have that problem.

Greetings, football season...we have missed you greatly. Yes, folks, it is that time again. The time of year we all anticipate, the start of football camp (signifying football is approx. 30 days away). This season, the Tigers attempt to defend the ACC crown for the first time in 20 years (and we all hope this season goes much better than the '92 campaign). We featured the weigh in and such last week and will continue to follow the progress of the football team. Of other interest, the WEZ cafeteria (training table) opened last week. Some reports indicate fried chicken was first on the menu. While I love fried chicken probably more than anyone, I am not quite sure it is the healthiest meal for a player. Hopefully the nutritionists and such will assure our players get the proper fuel needed to for them into football machines. Additionally, someone mentioned that Tajh should be weighed several times a week...I am all for that after seeing the QB gain quite a bit of weight DURING THE FOOTBALL SEASON the past couple years.

At this point, we are stuck talking about what happened last season and what we've heard through spring and summer sessions. In a week or so, we'll likely have a better idea of the pecking order within our Tiger team. However (and you will hear me say this over and over again), let's not kid ourselves on what we take out of fall drills. They are very, very important-don't mistake that-but until your guys are involved in live competition against another team, it is just very tough to know what you have. We'll be breaking down strengths and weaknesses as we progress to the season.

Justin Parker will redshirt this season due to a nagging groin injury. Everyone knows the redshirt rules, so use them appropriately. This is a smart move-the only smarter move for Parker would have been a redshirt several years ago. The only hope is that the staff doesn't throw Tony Steward out there too soon. If there is any hint that he is not 100%, Clemson needs to redshirt him and assure he is healthy. That young man has way too much talent and ability not to assure he is fully healthy.

As everyone now knows, Sammy is out for the first two games of the season. This is, in my opinion, a fair punishment for Watkins and on par with what I expected when I first heard of the incident. Auburn and a joke game...this will force the other receivers (including star Nuk Hopkins) and quarterback Tajh Boyd to come out and perform without their best player.

On to Neckcar...this week has been nothing but bliss for president Mike Helton. An Earnhardt is leading the points and NASCAR is plenty happy. While this really means nothing because they completely ruined the sport by getting rid of the Winston Cup Points system went to a playoff system, it is encouraging to see Little E doing his thing.

With the PGA coming up I will take this opportunity. Tiger Woods is the #2 golfer in the world. No, the man is not on the ridiculous run he was on 8-10 years ago. Still, the man is the freaking #2 golfer in the world. He still knows how to hit the golf ball. If Tiger could make a couple putts, we wouldn't have this conversation. I as so damn sick and tired of people saying "Tiger sucks" or "What the hell is Tiger's problem?". Jack had a mid-career slump, as did Player. It is unfair to think Woods could continue the fire he started early on. The competition is much better and, let's face it, Woods realizes his body needs a different swing. But once Tiger starts making putts, we won't have this conversation for a while...he is that good.

While we are on golf, how bout Boom Boom? Freddy knocked it out on the senior tour last week. You guys know me, I pull for an Earnhardt racing, our Tigers in everything, the Falcons in the pro game, the Braves in baseball, and Freddy in golf. Oh, and if you don't like Hank Williams, you can kiss my ass.