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Sunday Thoughts--Camp Edition

P.O.S.--that's my clique my crew. The Heartbreak Kid and HHH had the Degeneration-X; Slick Ric, the Andersons, and Tully Blanchard were the Four Horsemen;

the Michigan guys were the Fab 5; the Dream Team was, well the Dream Team. Anyway, POS = Piss Off Somebody. The wife knows (or should know) its POS for life (I should insert the Wolfpac/NWO gif that shows the 4 fingers then an "L" at this point). Too bad Tennessee fan picked on the wrong person yesterday and got dressed down accordingly. I am glad Johnny Majors got screwed out of a Heisman and even more pleased about Peyton. Couldn't happen to a finer bunch of jackasses. Alabama will whip your ass this year, as will most of the teams you play. Since Fat Phil ruined your chances at cheating ever again, we fortunately won't have to hear from you...Rocky Top you'll never be home sweet home to me. I hate Rocky Top, go to hell Tennessee. Tennessee football is over. The state has little talent and you cannot cheat anymore to get out of state talent (thank Fat Phil for narc'ing out Bama to save his own ass for that one...cause Alabama is licking its chops waiting to pay Tennessee back in spades for that ordeal). Tennessee (or should I say Fat Phil) made the bed now you have to snuggle up in it (and no, it is not Lane's fault nor Dooley's that you're in this situation).

We are officially one week into the 2012 football campaign and I am here to give you my opinions on all things (Clemson and non-Clemson). First off, you'll notice that I presented my pre-camp thoughts on several positions. All the core offensive and defensive positions were included sans the guys up front. There are two reasons for that (A) I misjudged time and didn't leave myself enough room to get those in prior to when the real information starts spewing (Friday was pretty much that day) and (B) I honestly am vexed on what to expect out of either of these groups, particularly with the injury to Gifford Timothy. Both groups lack experience and will take their lumps, that is for sure. How long it takes to "click" and the effectiveness of these players are two moving parts that are tough to forecast. Toss in Gifford Timothy's knee injury and the questions begin to swirl. Mix in rumors that Dalton Freeman may be moved to tackle and I start to become nauseous. We will be monitoring these areas of play moving forward and cross our fingers that something good happens (before October).

As for Dalton Freeman...the possibility of moving him to tackle is very concerning. First and foremost, the center is an extremely, extremely important position in the Morris offense. His running strategy largely revolves around A-gap to A-gap carries. The staff says good things about Ryan Norton, but I just don't feel as comfortable with a freshman in there snapping the ball for his first collegiate snap against Auburn. On the other side of that coin, I have been less impressed with Freeman than most and am concerned he will get manhandled if placed on an island. Best case is Timothy is able to go and we don't have to discuss this. I have seen a bunch of chatter about how it is nice Freeman could move so easily. It won't be that simple...a move from center to tackle is significant and likely will cause issues up front, even if the guy moving around is a center. WE SHOULD BE DEEP ENOUGH UP FRONT THAT WE DON"T HAVE TO PLAY MUSICAL CHAIRS EVERY TIME A PLAYER GETS INJURED. Recruit some freaking offensive linemen and develop these guys and you don't have to deal with this crap. Shame on the coaching staff for doing such a poor job recruiting linemen and/or developing what we have.

The backup quarterback role is apparently hot and heavy. The Chad made some comments that make me believe that Chad Kelly is challenging Stoudt for that role. Everyone, including the staff, wants to redshirt this guy but if he is that good AND we can actually use him in a package in addition to holding the clipboard, he may play. All I ask is that the rap videos STOP. That crap is exactly what I don't want out of our players...the video and more after the jump.

Here is whatever it is:

And, if you want to make a music video for commercial use, go the Ice Cube route...Malt liquor commercial mixing in excellent lines.

If you don't re-watch that commercial, you're missing out. What you'll also find is that St. Ides had a plethora of quality commercials in the early to mid-90's. I never thought I would be pimping malt liquor commercials, but these are, well, something else.

Onto the golf...former Clemson golfer Matt Hendrix ( Tour) went on a tear Thursday, shooting a 9-under 63 to take the early lead. He fell behind the pace in Round 2 and now heads into the final round with a chance for a solid finish (three off the lead at -12). We'll be watching Hendrix moving into Sunday.

Onto the other golf tournament...Tiger started well but struggled early in Saturday's round. The weather was an issue but there were guys who were impressive on Saturday. Rory was particularly impressive and Singh was cruising along. Woods will not win his 15th major with the crap we saw yesterday, that's for sure. He looked nervous and unsure. The man is still ranked 2nd best golfer in the world and does have 14 majors, so he is definitely good and probably doesn't need to listen to me.

Otherwise, it is a full day of major golf today. one cannot ask for much more other than to have a full day of major golf and not have to work tomorrow. Rory is playing well, and, best of all, my main man John Daly has been ripping it up this week, starting out fourth best and still inside the top 30. I will say that the DirecTV announcers outside of the CBS crew are giving me a headache. Tough to listen to.

They always talk about the softspikes, but how many of you remember the good old days when you could wear real spikes on the course? In the mid-'90s that was the case and I will tell you that since most courses have taken down the "metal spikes not allowed" signs (because everyone rocks soft spikes) I think that us metal spikes guys have an avenue. I'll let you know how that works out (probably will get thrown out of the clubhouse Fresh Prince style).