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Sunday Thoughts--Summer Edition

I'll keep this morning's thoughts short. We will soon see how Swinney plays his cards with America's #1 recruit. I'll play Monday morning quarterback on that one, but don't care if we offer other players. If Swinney doesn't waste scholarships here he will surely waste them on 2-3 five star Dabos this fall. If you follow me on twitter, you know that I spent the past couple days watching Coach Ford's teams whip ass. It almost makes me sad to see how good we used to be and how far we've fallen. Hopefully Coach Caldwell can, in the next couple years, get us back to dominating the trenches.

Crow's teammates have given us plenty of laughter as the Bulldogs hit their traditional summer swing. If tradition holds, look for Mark Richt's crew to give us several more arrests to laugh about this summer.

Stewart won the Neckcar race. We have new blood competing in the golf tournament today. In all likelihood, though, I'll spend my Sunday afternoon either (A) at the pool or (B) watching Clemson whip someone's ass back in the day. If the latter is the choice, follow the game on Twitter as I assure you you'll be entertained.

As for STS, we will spend the next couple weeks fastening loose ends and showing out until camp starts. And...I will continue to laugh my ass off that EA Sports pimps Herscel in a Florida uniform. Hopefully next year they will have the option of running to be a member of the rules committee. Only then can you cheat like Dooley and have no one even look at your program.