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Recruiting Notebook: Commits and Cookouts

CLEMSON, SC - SEPTEMBER 24:  The Clemson Tigers run onto the field before the start of their game against the Florida State Seminoles at Memorial Stadium on September 24, 2011 in Clemson, South Carolina.  (Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images)
CLEMSON, SC - SEPTEMBER 24: The Clemson Tigers run onto the field before the start of their game against the Florida State Seminoles at Memorial Stadium on September 24, 2011 in Clemson, South Carolina. (Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images)
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So Dabo strikes again and we land two more Georgia peaches with DeMarcus (Bud) Robinson and Tyshon Dye. We anticipated that Bud would probably commit by the start of his senior season so very pleased this happened at the 'All-In Cookout' (while I liked the little play with In and out, I am hoping that we move a bit beyond the All-In mantra, especially after picking up a book titled 'All In' by Gene Chizik--more Auburn hate to follow). He will enroll early and I have already seen him on Twitter recruiting for Clemson, attempting to persuade one Derrick Henry to visit.

Dye was a bit more of a surprise. His recruitment seemed to be down to Clemson and Auburn and I would have personally given the slight edge to Auburn. However, they recently have turned to others on their board, which makes me very happy. Their loss is certainly our gain. Dye is the back that Coach Morris has wanted for some time now and feels fits his offense. He can catch and run for tough yards. Hopefully we will still over-sign for a Green but everything I keep hearing says we only sign two RB's for this class.

  • I think this Cookout is another smart move by the staff as FigureFour previously stated. Gives a chance for the current recruits to gel and bond, as well as build relationships with all the staff. You can get more families and parents to come down and you can focus on particular recruits outside of the camp setting.
  • The list of who was coming was kept as secret as possible because the staff wanted it that way. There is always a lot of fear that rival recruiters would keep players home, as well as alert other staffs to players Clemson was targeting to poach themselves. I was somewhat disappointed that we didn't get a couple more players out, especially some top 2014 players like DeShawn Hand but it was a successful weekend. Certainly the biggest surprise visitors were Demarcus Walker, who tweeted this picture of himself and Robert Nkemdiche and Mike Williams, who now has us slightly ahead of South Carolina. Bama fans and Coots can't be too thrilled with that. Walker is a player who Clemson feels is over-sign worthy and probably is best suited to play some 3-technique in college. Williams will announce at his school on July 31st.


Demarcus Walker (via SB Nation Recruiting)

  • Speaking of Robert Nkemdiche, he went with his parents to visit his brother at Ole Miss right after the cook-out. Of course, the AJC has already turned this into a story and there is a picture of Nkemdiche posing with his brother in a #1 Ole Miss jersey. He apparently talked to the Ole Miss coaches as well. Gasp. Pretty hard not to when you are visiting your brother in Ole Miss football facility and I would have been more surprised if he hadn't met with them. Not worried and Dabo was certainly aware that he was going to be making the trip.
  • Nkemdiche just tweeted: "I went to visit my bro so all those media trying make a big story about my visit please calm down."
  • Montravious Adams was down in Auburn for the day with his mom. I was very unhappy to see Reuben Foster switch from Bama to Auburn. Shaq Wiggins, a current GA commit, confirmed that many top players are friends with Foster and have talked about playing together. That circle would include Trey Matthews, Shaq Wiggins, Alvin Kamara, and possibly Adams. They have a couple very honest videos where they interview each other. Right now I don't think Clemson fans should panic, although you want to get Mom on campus, we still are in a great position with Adams.
  • Here is my list of players that I am confident that Clemson will over-sign. This means they will go the distance for the player and sign more players than originally slotted at the position:
  1. Marquez North (battle with UNC but we are on the top)
  2. Tyrone Crowder (Clemson in top 5, Georgia probably biggest competition)
  3. Montravious Adams (Auburn v.s. Clemson)
  4. DeMarcus Walker (Bama lean)
  5. Mackensie Alexander (Clemson in top 5, most recently visited camps at Bama and FSU)
  6. Vernon Hargreaves III (Clemson #2 in top 5)
  7. Derrick Green (this is probably wishful thinking on my part though--can't currently say we will over-sign at RB)
  • OG Austin Droogsma was at the cook-out and had a good time. I have been watching the Oline recruiting at FSU very closely, with the hope that Droogsma would fall to us. They have a seriously intimidating Oline commit sheet. Ira Denson is a beast and was dominant at the Opening. They just secured their fourth O-line commitment with a sure fifth slot and possible sixth according to TomahawkNation. Golson and Klepal are legit national recruits. That sure beats taking two O-lineman a year. This is important because one of Denson's friends is Denver Kirkland who was also very good at the Opening. This doesn't leave a lot of space for Droogsma at FSU. It is still possible but word from the Fisher camp is that Trickett was especially hard on Droogsma. FSU's loss is certainly Clemson's gain because its down to Crowder, Droogsma, and Duke commit Gabe Brandner. If you want three O-Lineman in this class then you want Droogsma. He is also contemplating Mississippi St. and my feeling is that he might still hang on for the FSU spot to open up but out position has certainly improved.
  • Vernon Hargreaves III gives quick and to the point interviews. He named a top five with Clemson surprisingly #2 after his quick visit on Wednesday and I have heard conflicting reports about his next steps. In a short interview with Scout he said that he had a top five but would shortly finish his recruitment and the school he would visit next week would be his ultimate destination. Recently tweeted he was going to Florida next week and they are his number one school. Others say he is taking all five officials and deciding after that. Shut down corner who would be huge to land but right now seems Florida.


Vernon Hargreaves (via SB Nation Recruiting)