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OT Maverick Morris Commits to Clemson

Maverick Morris (6'5 290), a Tackle from Douglas-Coffee County GA, committed to Clemson today after just receiving an offer from the Tiger's OC Chad Morris at camp this week. He had no official offers from anyone else, but was receiving interest from Marshall, FSU, Georgia and UCF. His official recruiter is Dan Pearman. Morris is coached by Buddy Nobles, who is the father of former TE Kasey Nobles, and a former coach of C.J. Spiller's at Lake Butler.

Theres not any film or perspective on this commitment to give you, except that he's 16 years old and already 6'5 285-290, and was offered personally by The Chad. He supposedly has an athletic upside and plays mean, chews 'bacco and is just a country boy. Morris plays in a loaded area of south Georgia where we typically have a tough time pulling prospects. However, he has no rating by either of the major services.

He's slated for RT, and is a better run blocker than pass blocker in an offense that does some of the things ours does. We're going to credit the commitment to The Chad and not Pearman for this one as he was the one drilling the linemen that Morris seemed to connect with. He's the 10th commit for the class and first OT.

We'll reserve judgement on this commitment until we have film to look at on him.