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Mother's Day Sunday Thoughts

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Shout out to all the moms--enjoy your day as you've earned it. On to my babbling

Another Saturday in May...this means more lacrosse on ESPN prior to the golf then the race. As stated last week, I don't know jack about lacrosse but the more I watch it the more I respect/like it. First off, it is the sport that the Ivy Leaguers still roll, so it must be either (A) extremely strategical or (B) so out of the main stream it's not pursued by the masses. The thing that I dislike is all the damn games on AstroTurf. Nothing is more annoying than the fake grass combined with the field being lined up for every conceivable sporting event. Dude has the ball in the endzone which is really lined off for the soccer goalie which shows 3-4 out of bounds lines for each. I understand the need for multipurpose facilities but it is flat out confusing.

Committed to the ACC...that is the word out of both Clemson and FSU's athletics departments. We'll see how the chips fall. As you saw earlier this week, the Big 12 did a much better job than Swofford at negotiating a television contract. More money to keep up with the facility upgrade wars is a necessity. One thing is for sure, the ACC doesn't give a shit about football or the schools that care about the sport. Will Barker/TDP will grow some stones or simply be bullied as they have to this point? These decisions will shape CU athletics for some time to come.

Clemson news is slowing down. We have the top ranked ‘Noles in town this weekend. Clemson needs a good performance here for seeding purposes instead of the usual war for the ACC. It has been a confusing year for Leggett and crew and we are not sure this won't become the norm. Clemson lost a ton of great talent from its coaching staff and doesn't appear to have backfilled/doesn't commit necessary resources as well to date. We identified this issue a while back and aren't really shocked. I hope we get hot and carry it into the postseason but each time you think this baseball team has it pulled together they take a step back. Picking up the win last night was a good start to the series and, hopefully, the start of a good run moving forward.

I love watching golf on TV. I also love extended coverage through The Golf Channel. Damnit Johnny Miller, don't ruin it for me. Every time I start to agree with Miller and enjoy his commentary, he starts trashing something (players, course conditions, how bad everyone is when you look at his US Open win, etc...). I am pretty sure, John, that Lee Westwood is a damn good golfer.

On to my golf game. I've gotten some questions on how that bad boy is working out and the answer is same ole same ole. I finally dropped some decent wedges that have improved the short game. Off the tee is something else. I tend to cut across the ball at impact which obviously produces a slice. This doesn't happen with the irons and not as bad on the range which means my problem is all in the head. Frustrating is the only way to describe actively trying to get the driver into the slot and maintain proper plane through the swing only to feel your arms inexplicably coming across the body at the strike point. I may not hit the course for a month; instead I'll drain the account on range balls every afternoon.

There is a Senior Major out there next week. I never thought I would get excited about such, but Freddy will surely contend/dominate. And there is Tom Watson (that guy knows how to get around a golf course). Should be a good one as the PGA Tour will have a post-Sawgrass hangover (though a great tournament, the Byron Nelson).

One final golf note (yes I realize this is a Clemson website). All we heard 5-10 years ago was how the modern golfer must be a well-trained athlete who hits the gym, runs, etc...This is contradictory to the old school country club golfer who hits the bar and sparks up heaters on every hole. While I do agree that conditioning is important (I am currently back on the workout wagon in an effort to maintain proper posture), we have noticed a new breed of fatasses ripping it up on the course. If this means more JD's on the teebox, then perfect. Not suggesting that the sport needs to go completely trailer trash but we do need a reminder that a trip to the golf course is a leisure activity.