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Sunday thoughts (Wednesday Style)

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Due to AT&T's inability to shore up network issues, this Sunday/Monday thoughts is clearly delayed. I apologize and tried to explain to ATT folks overseas how important getting online was-to no avail. Better late than never, though, so here we go.

We were very pleased to see that TDP woke up and took a call from the UGa athletics department. The result was a commitment to play the home and home with Georgia. Fantastic news. I wish to hell, though, that these two universities could come together and agree to play every year. I know that is greedy but we really should play the Dawgs annually.

Spring practice has produced little surprises for me. Whatever you hear out of Dabo-per usual-we recommend you ignore or filter significantly. We knew that Clemson's offensive and defensive lines would have issues and there is no shock at the concern out of the coaching staff. Venables appears to be slowly implementing his style but the thin depth up front really has reared its ugly head now and will be an issue this fall. They will sugar-coat it in the spring, but there is no way to hide the issues we have up front (on both sides of the football) once the games start in September. As predicted, Blanks will be the nickel and is head and shoulders ahead of the other freshmen. Expect to see a lot out of him this fall as he will be too good not to play and is turning heads as a jam up 5th DB.

Who isn't excited about some golf? Tiger is playing well as is Phil, Rory, Hunter, and a gang of Clemson golfers. Per an email received through another SBN site, former/current CU golfers Byrd, Mills, Glover, and Stanley will be in the field this week. The weather should be jam-up and the players look to be ready to make this year's Masters a damn good one. It has been quite some time since there was this much commotion about the field at Augusta.

You know what I am tired of? Johnny Miller. NBC thinks they are slicker than batshit with Johnny and "Rog" trading affectionate remarks back and forth all weekend. Nevertheless, they don't work for CBS and they still don't call the Masters. Johnny repeatedly calls world-class players like Phil Mickelson clowns. Now I like Miller as much as the next guy, but John-two-time major winner-trails Phil by two majors. While Phil does make a ton of piss poor decisions (as witnessed by myself and the Fox first hand at Wingfoot-we were on top of Phil's shot in the garbage can before the tour officials as documented by pictures in Golf Digest) he still has more success than either John or "Rog." Dude chunked a wedge terribly last weekend but clearly-as shown through his 2nd shot on 13 at Augusta out of the pinestraw-has the balls to nail tough shots in the clutch. Thus, Johnny don't call the man a clown on national television (making fun of his bra size, though, is acceptable). Stick with calling other players "chokers" and running off how great the '73 US Open was.

Keep it classy guys and, barring another internet meltdown, should be running Majors takes and have a better opinion of Clemson's Spring football campaign this Sunday/Monday.